T: …op ten (random music lists that is)

This week, a post with little jibber jabber and lots of body, check out these bands and/or songs…or don’t…but if you’re too good for my music maybe you should let me know something you think I should check out; you know, in order to “educate” me musically.

Top 10 Friday Songs (just a little something to listen to on the walk home/wind down from travail)

  1. The Ting Tings – Shut up and Let me Go
  2. The Gossip – ‘Standing in the way of control’ or ‘Eyes Open’
  3. Neon Trees – 1983
  4. Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent
  5. Rilo Kiley – Such Great Heights (Iron and Wine version is also great)
  6. Modest Mouse – Float On
  7. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
  8. Trooper – Raise a Little Hell
  9. Florence and the Machine – Dog Days are Over
  10. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out 

Top 10 Songs for Warm Weather

  1. Noah and the Whale – 5 years time
  2. Blind Melon – No Rain
  3. Young the Giant – My Body
  4. The National – Fake Empire
  5. Black Keys – Everlasting Light
  6. Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines
  7. Airborne Toxic Event – The Girls in Their Summer Dresses
  8. The Submarines – ‘Submarine Symphonika’ or ‘You, Me and the Bourgeoisie’
  9. Camera Obscura –Lloyd, Im Ready to be Heartbroken
  10. Islands – Rough Gem


Top 10 Favourite Recent Discoveries/Rediscoveries

  1. Avett Brothers
  2. I am (<3)
  3. The Gossip
  4. Neutral Milk Hotel
  5. The Ting Tings
  6. Friendly Fires
  7. Neon Trees
  8. M. Ward
  9. The Tallest Man on Earth
  10. The Apples in Stereo

T: Awwww-ttawa.

So lately I have been down on myself and the process of getting old – which doesn’t really jive with the whole attempting to be a positive and thankful person (as per my “thanksgiving” post –https://fullbellieshungryminds.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/t-christmas-in-july-no-thanksgiving-in-february-yes/)

However, this weekend I was reminded of a few little things I love about my city/”hood” and thought I’d share them with you in the hopes that you might share yours in whatever ‘neck of the woods’, if you will, you currently or used to reside. I am making my way back home (Eastern Canada) this coming month and can’t help but cross my “fingies” that my old faves are still kicking. (this includes Pizza Delight on the east side of Saint John NB’s make your own garlic bread bar, Breakfast at Holly’s in Hampton NB, ANYTHING at Mama George’s home cooking restaurant in Norton, NB…the price of lunch at China Wok in Quispamsis, NB and the best french fries and gravy ever at Deluxe French Fries)…jumpstart anyone’s memory out East? feel free to share your faves with me and I’ll do my best to check them out while out there (I could especially use some recommendations for Hali, St Martin’s and Charlottetown).

Now…where was I? (sorry, but it is a Monday after all!) ahh,yes my top ten favourite things about Ottawa at the moment (and be warned they will be MOSTLY food).

10. Monthly gym memberships less than a 10 min walk from work, that cost less than 40$/ month. (Thank you Jack Purcell community center – http://www.jpra.ca/detail.php?id_cnt=6)

9. My proximity to Lansdowne Park and it’s propensity for exhibitions – aka the home and garden show, the wedding show, and the upcoming big backyard show and cottage show. No word of a lie, even though I dont have any of these things in my life (and don’t foresee having them anytime soon) the people watching opportunities, amazing products and opportunities to eat and win things in one place all make for a great way to kill a sunday afternoon.

8. Sugar Mountain…check out the website if you are unfamiliar – enough said.  http://www.sugarmountain.ca/

7. The Best Burger in Ottawa, if you ask me – Chez Lucien. 137 Murray street, check it out and if you don’t like crowds but love burgers and amazing beer selections then head in for a late-ish lunch (I’ve never encountered a crowd at 2-ish). I can never pick between the burgers…so my suggestion, order a chez lucien burger and get jalapenos on the side to add yourself…you will have no complaints.

Inside Chez Lucien

6. Clocktower nachos. Amazing salsa, no shortage of hot peppers and a great price – especially early evenings on weekdays when they are half price 😉 . Plus, what goes better with nachos than beer…and they are a microbrewery, as well as an adorable pub. Check out either the great patio (once it warms up a bit of course) in the Glebe or their location in the Market – less patio, but more entertaining people watching.

5. Brunch at Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin street. Fantastic homefries (with rosemary) a huge portion for a tiny price, great coffee refill times, and better than all of that – it comes with a chocolate to finish off your meal 🙂

4. Poutine – now whether you’re a traditionalist who loves Elgin Street Diner, a 19 year old who spends tons of time in the market and is willing to stand in line for 4 hours at 2 am for a taste of Smoke’s  on Dalhousie or a connoisseur like myself who enjoys the peppery gravy at Johnny’s Pizza in Sandy Hill – Ottawa has tons of poutine options and I have a feeling one of them will feel juuuust right for even you, Goldilocks. For anyone who loves poutine here is a little side tip – check out “Gravy Pizza” at Georgie Sorento’s on Gilmour near Elgin…I know it sounds odd but trust me, your life will never be the same…and if you aren’t willing to risk it all right away, go ahead and order your gravy on the side…I will judge you…but if you can live with yourself, that is all that matters.

3. The Manx on Elgin and Frank. A hidden and always incredibly busy pub – if youre willing to make a few attempts to get seating or simply to wait it out I promise this place is worthwhile. They have a great beer selection, amazing daily specials, fantastic wedge fries and every so often the performances of Remi Royale on sunday evenings. If you are a student or it is a long weekend I suggest you definitely do your best to experience the unique stylings of Remi…there is no way to describe it but as amazing, interactive, cover band performance art…curious? You should be.

2. This one will only be exciting if you are from out East or have been lucky enough to spend some time out there. Hooley’s may just seem like another bar with a line too long for anyone past 21 to endure…however, check it out their menu is half price on wednesdays! aaand they have garlic fingers with homemade (authentic) donair sauce. (If this means nothing to you…you mean nothing to me – jokes- …kind of)

1. My newest and perhaps most quality discovery in the centretown region is the sunday night prime rib dinner at Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin st. (ya, I know they already made the list…but I spend a decent amount of (warranted) time there…and they have just undertaken some great reno projects) For 12.95 plus 6$(if you want dessert, a starter and coffee/tea) you can have the homecooked meal youre never going to make for yourself…prime rib, veggies, mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding…cmon I dare you to dislike this.

** Other honourable Mentions**

– Thai Food at Talay Thai (on Bank near Catherine St) or Coriander (on Kent near Lisgar)

– Brunch at Urban Well in Sandy Hill (only available on sundays)

– The Patio at Fox and Feather on Elgin at MacLaren

– Pho at Saigon Pho at Bank and Lisgar


So folks, if your week was anything like mine today feels like Christmas. My week wasn’t particularly bad in any way it was just a never-ending spell of boredom set among snow and rain storms, with a nice side of flooded sidewalks – underneath which is a perfect sheet of ice.

BUT even though its friday (and to be honest I’ve treated myself to new clothes, new hair, and a mani-pedi…so my week wasn’t that rough) I have an inkling that tonight will be a relatively low-key night. You may be asking “Why the inkling T?”…well a pretty solid track record has instilled this gut feeling in me. Now, don’t get me wrong…once in a blue moon I’ll have a few on the weekend and maybe even “cut a rug” (and I’m not referring to home decor….but rather a little dancing – if you can call what I do dancing). While some of you may “feel me” on this one, I cannot shake the feeling that I am somehow “getting old” in my mid-20s.

So…in a little homage to the weekend, my recent quarter life crises, and my steadily declining general enthusiasm for all things youth related…

Top 10 ways I know I’m getting old…

1.) When I talk to my friends on the phone it’s about pensions, benefits and mortgages.

2.) Friday nights are sometimes an excuse…to go to sleep early.

3.) Today I wore grocery bags in my boots to protect my feet from the rain.

4.) I subscribe to “groupon”…

5.) I regularly use the terms “economically stable” and “fiscally responsible”.

6.) This month I got excited about my tax return…because it enabled me to put “surprise money” into my SAVINGS account.

7.) Some nights during the week I struggle to stay awake until 10 (because that is when it becomes socially acceptable to go to bed).

8.) My job leaves me in a panic because it is no guarantee of employment past the next 2 years.

9.) I am not much of a fan of “new music”…because they all sound like robots.

10.) The other day I referred to email as “using the email”… 

Anyway folks! Hope your weekend is exciting…or whatever you want it to be 😉

T: Online finds for the musically inclined.

So this post will be short but worthwhile…I have recently discovered a few great websites for listening to stuff you already love and discovering new music and artists to fall in love with.

Some say the internet and downloading is bad for artists – these sites may make you rethink that.  I am always listening to music while working and sometimes (no matter how many songs your iPod can hold) you get sick of your own stuff. This is why online radio is amazing – the only downfall is the same downfall as all radio…how can I find a station I like, and even when I do why I do I have to deal with awful music in between my favourite bands…PROBLEM solved.

The first site I’ll recommend is Jango.com. This site is great as you can start to build your own station by choosing an artist you love. It will then recommend artists and play similar artists for you (which you can then like or dislike and it will play those artists less or more, depending on your vote). Then you can see artists Jango says is similar to those you like and add them to your station…better yet, if Jango makes a bad suggestion all you have to do is skip to the next song…it is radio perfection! They also introduce you to up and coming artists and then you vote on whether or not you like them – they use these votes to determine the amount of airtime new artists get…so be kind. 🙂

The next site is more interesting for discovering new music that is similar to what you already like…but you still have to suffer through a meh song from time to time. Check out RadioTuna.com (my fave station is TunePanda…which I also recommended to my Twestie). According to D. the site has a lot more to offer too, so feel free to explore!

My Fave Finds to Date thanks to these babies:

– Slow Club

-Noah and the Whale

– Tapes N Tapes

– The Ships are Sinking

– Cage the Elephant

– Folk Thief

T: The “Boyce” are back in town…

So folks it seems I’m reverting to blogging about the love(s) of my life once again – the Toronto Maple Leafs. For anyone who has been reading this you may have noticed I hold a special place in my heart for the boys in blue and white. Although this was instilled in me genetically, as are most allegiances to either the Leafs or the Habs, I have grown into a love of my own that has a very honest quality about it – I start every season hopeful, have a slight slump of depression partway through the season and generally become obscenely optimistic come the push for play offs. Well…it seems my boys have the same pattern. This year started off promising. The pre-season leafs were a team Leafs nation hadn’t seen the likes of in almost a decade. However, the old familiar losses started to pile up soon after the beginning of regular season play. Lately though, as they drive for that last playoff spot they seem to have a fire and grit that they need (and haven’t had since Gary Roberts if you ask me).

Last night was a big game – a recent trade, Kris Versteeg, scored two for Philly in his drive to prove himself as a Flyer…however, it wasn’t enough to beat the “we’ll take two points any way we can get ’em” Leafs. After goals by Kulemin and Phaneuf, Darryl Boyce scored the game winner for TO.

Darryl is a good east coast boy and I was proud to see him get a goal in the drive for 8th. Not only is he from Summerside, PEI…he also played for the UNB Varsity Reds (Yay! NB…ahem, my province, ahem). He is also a great tweeter…twitterer…uhhh he is interesting to follow on Twitter 😉  So for all of you twitter fans/east coast kids/ Leafs Nation I encourage you to follow him (dboyce47).

And for those of you Leafs fans with a good sense of humor…and let’s face it to proudly wear the blue and white a sense of humour is mandatory…check out Joffrey Lupul on twitter as well. (JLupul)

Last note of the day – GO LEAFS GO!

T: Not quite classics…but old friends none the less.

So this post will be short and sweet…this week has been exhausting for no concrete reason, and Friday cannot come soon enough.

Today I was listening to music in my cubicle as I always do…a little YouTube playlist search and fingers crossed to find new bands I might love. In the middle of a playlist a band I hadn’t listened to in a while popped up and I was pleasantly surprised to feel like I had run into an old friend.

It seems as though we are constantly on the quest for new music…or in the case of some people, music so obscure no one has heard of it yet. We never take the time to love relish the songs we love anymore…it is just on to the next one. So here you have it, my list of relatively recent artists (you won’t find any classic rock here) that seemed to have just slipped my mind.

Lilly Allen and Kate Nash...why hello, old friends.

1. Kate Nash

2. Lilly Allen

3. The Arctic Monkeys

4. LCD Soundsystem

5. The Fratellis and The Submarines (just trying to fit it all into 10)

6. USS

7. Deerhunter

8. Band of Horses

9. The Decemberists

10. Bon Iver…and since it just wouldn’t look right to have 11 songs on my lists I will also include ‘Blind Pilot’ at #10.

Take it or leave it…or better yet leave me a comment with some of your recently forgotten favourites…maybe they will be new to me 🙂

I’m sure someone out there has good taste in music 😉 …and please no 30 seconds to Mars or Hoobastank…they just aren’t really my style…(to each their own).

T: Christmas in July, No. Thanksgiving in February, Yes.

This week has been a little rough in the positive thinking arena. Aside from Monday of course which was obviously a phenomenal day when I got to tell all the people in my life how much I cared about them :). I have had a tough time lately coming to terms with my current work environment (as you may have read previously) and also trying not to overload those close to me by spewing a constant stream of never-ending complaints about my untapped life potential.

So…I decided that enough, is enough. I am going to try to focus more on the great things in my life (of which there are many), instead of engaging in a never-ending cycle of complaining and apologizing for complaining to those that care about me. Here are the ten things I am thankful for in the past week (I had to limit myself to the week in order to limit myself to ten things)…I am a very lucky girl.

Tiffany’s Top Ten (in no rank or particular order)

I am thankful that…

1. I can (somewhat easily) pay my bills and still have enough left over to spend some fun money on spending time with friends.

2. I may not thoroughly enjoy my job but I have the experience and education that allows me to apply for better positions.

3. I have people in my life that care enough about me to listen to me whine about petty things without complaint.

4. I have access to standup comedians who allow me to laugh so hard my cheeks hurt and reality TV that allows me to check out and get invested in other’s goals and ambitions rather than focusing on my own perceived failures. (Thank you Slice, Paul Plakas,Tommy Europe, Daniel Tosh and Louis C.K.)

5. I am not delusional enough to think that “Teen Mom 2” is glamorous or anything to strive for; and yet I have people in my life who live amazingly full lives with children of their own – those are the realistic and content moms I hope to model myself after (in many, many years 😉 )

6. I do not dread going to the gym most days…in fact I thoroughly enjoy about 90% of the times I’m there. This makes it easier to work towards the strong, healthy me I would like to be.

7. I live in a city where Winterlude is a part of my daily life…some days this place still leaves me in awe over how pretty it can be.

8. Those I care about are safe and happy and leading fulfilling lives.

9. I have parents who would drop everything to ensure that I was emotionally supported in any life decision I made and who look forward to my visits home for months in advance.

10. Most mornings I wake up (albeit groggily) feeling like I have a better day ahead of me than yesterday…and yesterday was pretty good. If my life continues on its current overall trajectory I would say that I am headed in the right direction and it looks like I have a lot to look forward to over the next 75 years or so (at least).

Hope this inspired you to revel in the good things that are present in your daily lives…and for those of you who don’t hate country music feel free to be inspired by Darius Rucker’s song – “Alright”.

– T.

…also I am thankful someone may read this 😉