What’s a Twestie?

Sometimes, you might hear (who am I kidding, you won’t really “hear” anything) T and I refer to one another as “twestie.” To be a twestie is an honour and a priviledge. No – let me rephrase that. To have a twestie is an honour and a priviledge. Becoming a twestie is sort of like being knighted, except there’s no sword involved. Well, there can be a sword, if you want, but given my propensity to  tripping, spilling, falling, breaking things, and basically all things clumsy, T and I have not involed a sword in any area of our friendship. Yet, anyways.

In lay terms, to be a twestie is to be a twinnie + a bestie. A twestie is a person who is so much like you it’s alarming, and your differences compliment one another’s strengths. Basically, when two almost identical people collide they form some sort of superhuman being known as a “twestie”. T and I were lucky enough to find this kind of friendship, and I hope that you all have a twestie too because it is a glorious thing!

Twesties in their natural habitat - a restaurant with unlimited free chips and salsa


One response to “What’s a Twestie?

  • twesties

    I feel blessed to have such an eloquent Twestie…I didn’t think the definition could ever be done justice with any human language…you, my friend, are gifted…nay, divine.

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