T: Awkward Injuries

I have accidentally discovered one of the most awkward situations in modern society.

Last night while playing for rec-league softball team (and “playing” is giving me more credit than I deserve) I had an unfortunate injury. While playing catcher I attempted to catch a ball thrown by my team’s first base player…attempted being the operative word.

Now, let’s first cover the fact that my wonderful bf has attempted to teach me the safest way to catch while all the while stressing the importance of how to hold my mitt in order to avoid being hit in the face. Well…I guess I didn’t listen very well to his lectures since the ball bounced off my mitt and hit me square in the eye. I was a little fuzzy and dizzy feeling but I shook off the run I had just allowed the other team and continued to play.

When I got home my eye had begun to swell and bruise.

To be honest I was a bit excited, after all I have never had a black eye in my life (aside from the minor bruising associated with a broken nose)…I felt pretty tough! (Regardless of the gross feeling in my stomach that hit when I realised my bf’s parents would be visiting this weekend)

This morning I slipped on my sunglasses on my way to work and never thought it would be a big deal. Once word of what happened to me got around the office it would be old news within minutes and I could continue business as usual. Man, was I wrong. It seems as though the black eye is this only injury that involves no one asking about it due to the fact that they are afraid they may not want to know about your abusive relationship….well I can tell you – when you don’t ask, you just stare at my eye and wince, you just made me feel like I did get punched and now I should hide it…I just wish they would ask. In the future folks unless someone looks as though they are super ashamed of their black eye just assume a sports related injury and get on with it…let’s make this easier on everyone!

Looks like Ill be wearing sunglasses all night at Bluesfest!! The Black Keys might look a bit blacker than usual through tinted shades 🙂


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