T: Ottawa and Summer…the love affair continues

So Friends this one will be quick because it is Ottawa and it is summer which means there are a hundred things going on at all times and all of them = pretty awesome.

At the moment I’m still recovering from exhaustion from Canada Day, think 500,000 in downtown aren’t enough? why not invite the royals? let’s double it! That amount of people could exhaust absolutely anyone….not to mention the small army of mid-20s guys who slept in the living room (“perk” to living with the bf?).

It feels nice to finally have my space back (even though it was most likely some of the most fun/hardest laughing I’ve had/done in a while) but I haven’t really enjoyed the inside much…or my new a/c, because there is so much to do it is overwhelming!!!

This month is Ottawa Bluesfest and it looks like I’ll get to see a few of my faves. I have already been lucky enough to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. They were as amazing and talented and weird as I thought they would be…and so was the crowd – “hello, intense patchouli and cigarillos smell I don’t believe we have met before”. 

I also saw some of The Flaming Lips (how do I get to be one of the cheerleaders on stage?)…although didn’t escape with a giant balloon from the show, like a girl I saw on the walk home. Annnnd the grand finale? Soundgarden – got to see them play the song from my favourite video of all time (black hole sun) and was provided with abundant entertainment by the girl in front of me using her boyfriend as a stripper pole.

This weekend I will be hitting up the Black Keys and Rise Against one night and The Tragically Hip and Erykah Badu the next. Wish me luck, if you’re looking for me on monday I’ll be the one snoring and drooling on my desk at the cubicle on your right 😉

Hope your summer is living up to your wildest dreams!!! I know one of my oldest friends Erin’s is as she was recently engaged to the love of her life…Congrats Erin and Sean 🙂

❤ T.


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