T: Weird Single Behaviour.

A good friend of mine recently (well…a few months ago) wrote a great blog entry about the little things you notice while living with someone else. http://youandi365.blogspot.com/2011_04_01_archive.html Well, as I have recently also begun cohabitation I have noticed things…mostly about myself.

As any Sex and the City fan will tell you…the term is “weird single behaviour”…and Carrie refers to it when talking about eating jam and soda crackers over the sink while reading magazines. The little things you never thought were weird until you were faced with the idea of having someone you love seeing you do them.

Here are a few I have noticed about myself…and I hope maybe someone will share some of theirs 🙂

1. I love doing exercises during commercials while watching weight loss shows. I find them so motivating and also it gives me time to rest between sets. Yes, this makes sense. No, I’m not a huge fan of my bf watching me do it.

2. Conversely, on lazy days (when I can’t get motiavted to do #1) I looooove eating a big pile of candy/chocolate/whatever junk food I happen to be craving while watching weight loss shows designed to deter exactly that behaviour.

3. In the evening if I’m bored, and maybe not having a great self-esteem day, I love to shower and do my hair and makeup. It gives me time to play with new looks and gives me a little pick me up before bed. However, I am sure if I were to do this with the bf around he would think I was crazy and would definitely assume there was an event/date night he forgot about. Buuuut….should I have a low self-esteem day anytime soon he may just have to suck it up and deal with the fact that I’ll head to bed looking like Miss America. (I wish)

4. I love eating weird combos of food right after work. Like many other people my snack monster likes to save his attack for right about 4 o’clock – too early for dinner too late for lunch. The first time my boyfriend saw me eating old cheddar and hot pepper jelly on a baguette (simply because that was what I was craving) the look on his face was priceless…and he still doesn’t/probably never will understand it.

…there are just a few…you know, the ones fit to share with anyone willing to read this. (I’m sure there are others that are much worse…but then why risk losing the few readers I still have?)


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