T: “Stay” cation versus Vacation

Well thanks to a very sweet request (J.) to post more often here I am again, trying to dig through my brain for an interesting and/or witty tidbit to share with my reader(s) *fingers crossed*…but let’s be honest the weather is creeping into the thirties and I spend my days in a fluorescent lit cube shivering due to an ongoing assault by the a/c. My brain is struggling folks, unless it comes to thoughts pertaining to sunshine, drinks (either of the hops and barley kind or those that involve cold wine and fruit), and most of all of escaping everything to lay on a white sand beach.

Why is it that whenever the weather gets nice at home I am seized by an uncontrollable urge to travel? Well since I just started a new job, and don’t want to seem too eager to flee for a vacay before doing any real work, it looks like I’ll be staying put…but why should that mean I don’t have any fun?

I was asked a rhetorical question today that really made me realise how insane my travel bug was at this moment…”Why be in Cuba when it will be 38 this weekend exactly where you are?” so folks, what do you do to make home seem a little bit more like a mini vacay?

Here are a three of my favourite ideas:

1. Lots of hotels have inexpensive last-minute deals and since you’re already in town you’ll never be disappointed if you can’t get a room! Enjoy some breakfast in bed and leave without making the bed….can’t get much better than that.

2. Public Pools are a great way to cool off for just a few bucks. I know my local pool is only 5$ for the whole day! annnnd they have their own bar so no need to lug a cooler on the bus. (word to the wise take a day off to enjoy this one, going on the weekend can be a little overwhelming…even for the kid-friendly amongst us)

3. Three words…Patio. Happy Hour. Most places have great summer happy hours (that involve fantastic summery drinks, like mojitos or sangria) In Ottawa I recommend cornerstone for mojitos and Mambo Nuevo Latino for a beautiful pitcher of red sangria (and an amazing rooftop patio). The best part of happy hour drink deals? you get a prime patio seat before the dinner/social drink crowd descends upon the city.

Mambo's Beautiful Rooftop Patio in the Byward Market

Feel free to share some of your favourite ideas…whether they pertain to Ottawa or elsewhere…I may not be going to the tropics but Montreal or TO are never far from my mind 😉


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