T: First Impressions.

You know when you were a kid and you would yell “Echo! Echo! Echo!” in a big area and you didn’t hear anything echo back? I feel like this post is kind of like that…a whole lot of useless noise with little chance of getting anything back. But I get it, I haven’t been a very good blogger lately.

Well your first impression (if you ever read this when we first started…which I’m sure you didn’t) seems to have been right on…I’m moderatley entertaining but inconsistent and unreliable in terms of how often I post. So, what do you think? Are first impressions always right-on?

I had to experience one of the most nerve-wracking first impressions opportunities this past weekend…the meeting of the significant other’s family. Now, for anyone who has done this you are aware of the idea that there is no stress-free point in a relationship at which to tackle this event. Do it too soon = you’re weird and rushing things and they’re thinking “why do I care who you are? you probably won’t be around next month anyway”. Do it late = They’re expecting some freak show (why else wouldn’t they have brought you sooner) and you’re so invested in the relationship you’re about to wet yourself thinking that if they don’t like you then what you’re invested in may no longer matter so much.

Now,  timing-wise I think this weekend was about right but it didn’t make it any less stressful. (Especially thanks to many references to “Judgement Day” by  my oh so lovely boyfriend.) In fact the whole experiences ended up being some of the most fun I have had in awhile. I also really lucked out and got to see Niagara Falls and the TO Zoo for the first time (I know I must have some pretty great karma going).

I was even left thinking that in past experiences where I thought a significant others family was pretty cool I may have been settling a bit. Then again do you ever really know how nice and comfortable something can be until you experience something that feels exactly that? 

The above question leads me to ponder a question a friend asked me the other day…how do you know when what you have is what will truly make you happy? How do you know there isn’t something out there with which you would be much happier? At which point are we settling versus being content? 

After talking this over with a few other friends I was left with some good advice to stop looking at the grass on the other side of the fence and to focus on growing my own green grass…well it was put much more eloquently than that but in summary, the idea was to work on what you have.

What do you think? Is focusing on your blessings and putting hard work into what you have at hand now seen by our generation as “settling”? If not then at which point do we differentiate?



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