So folks, if your week was anything like mine today feels like Christmas. My week wasn’t particularly bad in any way it was just a never-ending spell of boredom set among snow and rain storms, with a nice side of flooded sidewalks – underneath which is a perfect sheet of ice.

BUT even though its friday (and to be honest I’ve treated myself to new clothes, new hair, and a mani-pedi…so my week wasn’t that rough) I have an inkling that tonight will be a relatively low-key night. You may be asking “Why the inkling T?”…well a pretty solid track record has instilled this gut feeling in me. Now, don’t get me wrong…once in a blue moon I’ll have a few on the weekend and maybe even “cut a rug” (and I’m not referring to home decor….but rather a little dancing – if you can call what I do dancing). While some of you may “feel me” on this one, I cannot shake the feeling that I am somehow “getting old” in my mid-20s.

So…in a little homage to the weekend, my recent quarter life crises, and my steadily declining general enthusiasm for all things youth related…

Top 10 ways I know I’m getting old…

1.) When I talk to my friends on the phone it’s about pensions, benefits and mortgages.

2.) Friday nights are sometimes an excuse…to go to sleep early.

3.) Today I wore grocery bags in my boots to protect my feet from the rain.

4.) I subscribe to “groupon”…

5.) I regularly use the terms “economically stable” and “fiscally responsible”.

6.) This month I got excited about my tax return…because it enabled me to put “surprise money” into my SAVINGS account.

7.) Some nights during the week I struggle to stay awake until 10 (because that is when it becomes socially acceptable to go to bed).

8.) My job leaves me in a panic because it is no guarantee of employment past the next 2 years.

9.) I am not much of a fan of “new music”…because they all sound like robots.

10.) The other day I referred to email as “using the email”… 

Anyway folks! Hope your weekend is exciting…or whatever you want it to be 😉


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