T: Online finds for the musically inclined.

So this post will be short but worthwhile…I have recently discovered a few great websites for listening to stuff you already love and discovering new music and artists to fall in love with.

Some say the internet and downloading is bad for artists – these sites may make you rethink that.  I am always listening to music while working and sometimes (no matter how many songs your iPod can hold) you get sick of your own stuff. This is why online radio is amazing – the only downfall is the same downfall as all radio…how can I find a station I like, and even when I do why I do I have to deal with awful music in between my favourite bands…PROBLEM solved.

The first site I’ll recommend is Jango.com. This site is great as you can start to build your own station by choosing an artist you love. It will then recommend artists and play similar artists for you (which you can then like or dislike and it will play those artists less or more, depending on your vote). Then you can see artists Jango says is similar to those you like and add them to your station…better yet, if Jango makes a bad suggestion all you have to do is skip to the next song…it is radio perfection! They also introduce you to up and coming artists and then you vote on whether or not you like them – they use these votes to determine the amount of airtime new artists get…so be kind. 🙂

The next site is more interesting for discovering new music that is similar to what you already like…but you still have to suffer through a meh song from time to time. Check out RadioTuna.com (my fave station is TunePanda…which I also recommended to my Twestie). According to D. the site has a lot more to offer too, so feel free to explore!

My Fave Finds to Date thanks to these babies:

– Slow Club

-Noah and the Whale

– Tapes N Tapes

– The Ships are Sinking

– Cage the Elephant

– Folk Thief


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