T: The “Boyce” are back in town…

So folks it seems I’m reverting to blogging about the love(s) of my life once again – the Toronto Maple Leafs. For anyone who has been reading this you may have noticed I hold a special place in my heart for the boys in blue and white. Although this was instilled in me genetically, as are most allegiances to either the Leafs or the Habs, I have grown into a love of my own that has a very honest quality about it – I start every season hopeful, have a slight slump of depression partway through the season and generally become obscenely optimistic come the push for play offs. Well…it seems my boys have the same pattern. This year started off promising. The pre-season leafs were a team Leafs nation hadn’t seen the likes of in almost a decade. However, the old familiar losses started to pile up soon after the beginning of regular season play. Lately though, as they drive for that last playoff spot they seem to have a fire and grit that they need (and haven’t had since Gary Roberts if you ask me).

Last night was a big game – a recent trade, Kris Versteeg, scored two for Philly in his drive to prove himself as a Flyer…however, it wasn’t enough to beat the “we’ll take two points any way we can get ’em” Leafs. After goals by Kulemin and Phaneuf, Darryl Boyce scored the game winner for TO.

Darryl is a good east coast boy and I was proud to see him get a goal in the drive for 8th. Not only is he from Summerside, PEI…he also played for the UNB Varsity Reds (Yay! NB…ahem, my province, ahem). He is also a great tweeter…twitterer…uhhh he is interesting to follow on Twitter 😉  So for all of you twitter fans/east coast kids/ Leafs Nation I encourage you to follow him (dboyce47).

And for those of you Leafs fans with a good sense of humor…and let’s face it to proudly wear the blue and white a sense of humour is mandatory…check out Joffrey Lupul on twitter as well. (JLupul)

Last note of the day – GO LEAFS GO!


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