T: Not quite classics…but old friends none the less.

So this post will be short and sweet…this week has been exhausting for no concrete reason, and Friday cannot come soon enough.

Today I was listening to music in my cubicle as I always do…a little YouTube playlist search and fingers crossed to find new bands I might love. In the middle of a playlist a band I hadn’t listened to in a while popped up and I was pleasantly surprised to feel like I had run into an old friend.

It seems as though we are constantly on the quest for new music…or in the case of some people, music so obscure no one has heard of it yet. We never take the time to love relish the songs we love anymore…it is just on to the next one. So here you have it, my list of relatively recent artists (you won’t find any classic rock here) that seemed to have just slipped my mind.

Lilly Allen and Kate Nash...why hello, old friends.

1. Kate Nash

2. Lilly Allen

3. The Arctic Monkeys

4. LCD Soundsystem

5. The Fratellis and The Submarines (just trying to fit it all into 10)

6. USS

7. Deerhunter

8. Band of Horses

9. The Decemberists

10. Bon Iver…and since it just wouldn’t look right to have 11 songs on my lists I will also include ‘Blind Pilot’ at #10.

Take it or leave it…or better yet leave me a comment with some of your recently forgotten favourites…maybe they will be new to me 🙂

I’m sure someone out there has good taste in music 😉 …and please no 30 seconds to Mars or Hoobastank…they just aren’t really my style…(to each their own).


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