T: Belated Valentine’s Day Reality Check.

For all of you people who dislike valentine’s day because you think it is rubbing your face in your desperate single-ness I have a few words.

Now, my father is a wise man…he’ll be the first to tell you. Sometimes his ability to be right in certain situations drove me to near tears when I was younger. However, as I have grown up I have inherited some of his insight and some of his perspective and I feel that in the wake of valentine’s day I will share a bit of it as it relates to this much hated/loved pseudo-holiday.

All week I have had to listen to people complain about how valentine’s day is a gimmick used by hallmark marketing geniuses to make unimaginable amounts of money between Christmas and Easter and although I agree with them I do not necessarily agree with the nucleus of their most popular argument – we shouldn’t need a special day to tell people we love them. Now, before you have a hissy fit…hear me out. That is, in essence, true – we SHOULDN’T need a special day…but guess what folks, everyone thinks they’ll do it tomorrow…or on the weekend, or next week or whenever…and they NEVER do.

As I walked down the street yesterday surrounded by men with their flowers and chocolates I remembered the ever so eloquent words of my father “Valentine’s Day is just a kick in the pants to get off our a$$ and tell someone how we feel”…and that goes for everyone we love…not just a significant other.

Send your grandparents a note to say hello, make your parents dinner…or just call them for once, bring your friends valentine’s day cards like when you were a kid or even just take the day to be a decent human being…it wouldn’t kill you.

Embrace a day dedicated to love (of all kinds) and hey maybe even take it a step further and do those things on a more frequent basis….in the very least can we stop the hate-fest and take a moment to sit back and admire the idea that a single day dedicated to showing people how you feel can support the entire flower industry for a year…ok well mother’s day helps too…

…and I’m not the only one that feels this way – http://elainesong.com/2011/02/whose-got-your-love/


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