T: Nostalgic Negative Nelly.

So I know my posts are generally pretty light-hearted and don’t worry folks, this one won’t get too dark. However, lately I have not been able to shake the feeling that the days are behind me of big dreams and picturing giant career success for myself. Now I know I’m still basically a fetus…I’m not even past a quarter of a century yet…but I can’t help but feel that if I was going to have achieved massive levels of success it would have happened by now, or in the very least I should feel confident that I am walking the path that leads to greatness. I am not confident in this, in fact lately I’ve felt lost and pretty much like I suck at life.

I mean I did everything you’re “supposed” to do – I did (relatively) well in school, followed up my undergrad with a heavy dose of grad school and throughout both of those I worked summer jobs that were supposed to create connections and business relationships…I even did an unpaid internship throughout my grad degree and volunteered with a Political Party. So I followed all the appropriate steps, was a great employee/student and always took the responsible route….so why then do I find myself in this state of  “okay-ness”, rather than greatness?

Now…I don’t want you to think this is too much of a sob story – I am lucky enough to have a job at all, let alone a job that gives me paid sick leave, great benefits, and 3 weeks vacation/year. However, Im just left wondering if this is it? and if so, what came of all of my hard work, career drive and ambition? Is this cubicle what I was driving at this whole time? If so….I wish someone had warned me. I might have lived it up a little more on the journey here.

I apologize for the quarter life crisis vent…Ill be more positive and upbeat tomorrow…after all I had a test for one job competition this week and an interview for another…fingers crossed 🙂


One response to “T: Nostalgic Negative Nelly.

  • Elaine

    I’ve definitely been there. In fact, it wasn’t until I passed my quarter-life, either a week before or after my 26th birthday, that I felt that undeniable push. Whether it was circumstantial or just “that” age, I believe that feeling will transform for anyone and everyone. By the sounds of it, it might be transforming faster for you than it did for me. The fact that you acknowledge you feel like this means you can start to actively stop feeling like this.

    Best of luck on the tests and interviews 🙂

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