T: Everything in TO is once again Phil Harmonic…thanks to Brian Burke.

OK, Ok so I let out my little secret about wishing I was a sports journalist…well I may as well embrace this little slip since it seems I’m being teased for it anyway. This weekend while watching the Superbowl my bf let it slip to his friends (well as much as he could between fits of laughter) that I had a blog…about books. As tears welled up in his eyes (from all the laughing) and in mine (from the shear mortification of someone I didn’t know very well actually reading my blog) my secret was revealed – including how to find said blog.

Well instead of crawling under a rock and waiting for them to forget this blog exists I intend to write whatever I feel like…hey, if someone gets laughter at my expense, at least they laughed that day. So here goes…my little vent about the current state of Phil Kessel and the Leafs…and how I feel about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

First things first. Hockey will always be first in my heart. I love the pride that comes with any Canadian player doing well, I love how it is one of the few Olympic sports in which we, as a country, come across as intimidating and most of all I love the fights. What can I say? They are modern gladiators and I want to be front row when Spartacus comes out to play. Now, one of the most contentious players over the last year in TO has been Phil Kessel. I mean, he was supposed to be doing great things and in spite of selling tons of jerseys in his namesake and putting tons of pucks to the net he has been dropped down from first line and ended up being last pick in the All Star Fantasy Draft. Now, aside from his bad hair cut… a little short in the bang area and long in the back if you ask me…the kid has heart. TO is a tough city to play in, not because of the fans…let’s face it Leafs fans will stick by their team through thick and thin and have been proving that since 1967…it’s because of the media. All year he has had to hear about what a waste of money he is, how great Tyler Seguin had been playing (one of the draft picks in exchange for which Kessel went to TO) and worst of all he has even been referred to as the “reverse gold standard” – that he will be the opposite of a legacy for Burke…a bad memory that just won’t go away.

Well over the last few weeks leafs fans have been divided, there was talk of a trade…perhaps TO wasn’t the place for Phil. Both he, and coach Ron Wilson hurled some veiled insults back and forth in the media about poor communication and how the two men just “didn’t talk”. Well, as per usual Burkey stood up for the player/coach he believed in and made it clear neither man would be going anywhere.

Now, I for one think this vote of confidence and increased lines of communication between Wilson and himself are going to do wonders for Phil’s game…sit back and watch TO fans, with a little faith I think Phil might just come out fighting over the next little while. Plus you know what they say about putting pucks on the net…and he certainly knows how to do that.

Next up…my newfound sport – football. Now when the wildcard games were getting underway I decided it would be smart to pick a team so that I could start feeling invested, and in turn enjoy football. I love that it is on Sundays (a must have lazy day, in my opinion) and so I narrowed down my choices to a few teams in the wildcard games since I didnt really want to pick a favourite right off the bat.

After carefully considering some players I knew of, jersey colour, and team reputation I chose the Baltimore Ravens – I mean who can resist Ray Lewis’ makeup and the feeling that these guys are the “bad guys”. Seriously, in a Disney sports film the Ravens would definitely be the villains…so I was all in.

Well the Ravens soon lost to the Steelers, sealing my fate as a Pittsburgh hater (unfortunate for Twestie since that is her Team). Needless to say, on sunday I chose to cheer against Pittsburgh…I came away from the game very much liking two Packers…Aaron Rodgers (who despite minimal protection didn’t make near as many mistakes as Big Ben and was named MVP) and Jordy Nelson…who despite being hated on for like 4 dropped passes had a TD and lead the Packers receivers.

…You just may be looking at a football fan. Now the question is do I cheer for Baltimore when the new season rolls around? or is there a team I should consider? any suggestions…and no, Pittsburgh is not an option.

last but not least – a little word about books.

Theo Fleury’s book = must read for anyone who even kind of enjoys hockey or celebrity insider gossip…since most of the book is anecdotes that show just how ludicrous your life becomes when you have that much money and prestige.

A-Rod’s book as discussed last week = very interesting for baseball fans, if you don’t follow the game at all though it might be a little heavy on player names and game stats.

Next on the bedside table:

Brett, Shootin’ and Smilin’ –  By: Brett Hull

(I’ve heard this one is an oldie but a goodie and the cover photo attests to only half of that statement…so I guess we will see.)

Keenan: The High times and Misadventures of Hockey’s Most Controversial Coach – By: Jeff Gordon

(I just had to read this one after what Theo Fleury had to say about the man in question.)


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