D: From long time to…song time?

What’s good, blog readers? T. would like to be a sports broadcaster, per her last post. As I sit here watching the Superbowl (go Steelers!), I find myself thinking about how fun it would be to be the person who plays the music during sporting events. I don’t mean the guy on the organ at hockey games…I mean the person who blares “Black Betty” over the whole field/ice/court. I thought in the spirit of this pipe dream I would post some of the songs that get me through my workouts day-in, day-out. There’s quite a melange here as far as styles go – enjoy!


Walking On a Dream – Empire of the Sun

We Are The People (Remix) – Empire of the Sun

Standing on the Shore – Empire of the Sun

Half Mast – Empire of the Sun

Available (Benny Benassi Remix) – Flo Rida

One (Your Name) – Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell

Comin’ Home – Diddy Dirty Money ft. J.Cole (I *hate* writing “Diddy Dirty Money” but the song isn’t bad for running!)

No Love – Eminem ft. Lil Wayne (I love this one for the Stepmill too)

Gettin’ Over You – David Guetta ft. Fergie

Love Comes Again – DJ Tiesto


I should add here that if any of you are looking for an amazing workout, you need to make friends with the stepmill. Not to be confused with the stairmaster – the stepmill is sort of like a stairmaster and a treadmill in one.They are grossly underused, which works to my benefit because I rarely have to compete with anyone for the ones at my gym 😀

Try it! The max I have lasted on this beast is 30 minutes. Now, onto the songs:

No Hands – Wacka Flocka Flame ft. Roscoe Dash and Wale (this song is my new anthem, I LOVE it and listen to it on repeat)

Lemonade (Remix) – Gucci Mane

Dollar Sign – Gucci Mane

Slumber Party – Gucci Mane

Awesome – Plies (Download it!!)

Letter – Plies

Money to Blow – Drake ft. Lil Wayne

Roman’s Revenge – Eminem ft. Nicki Minaj


So there you have it. If you download any of these, let me know how you like them! I’m also open to suggestions, as I inhale new music and listen to it over and over until I’m sick of it.






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