T: A-Read…Sports Biographies

I’m back again and this time I have a renewed passion for non-fiction. Only this time I have left the classy, highbrow world of politicians and great thinkers in favour of the world of the overpaid and glamorous life of the professional athlete.

Ever since I was a kid I realised I was doomed to watch hours upon hours of sports on television. You see, my father had always wanted a boy (I was in fact supposed to be named after the famous Chicago Blackhawks enforcer Keith Magnuson) and he often pointed the remote at me and dramatically pushed buttons in an effort to “change” me.

At an early age I realised I may as well embrace the world of the elite athlete and the soap opera that is every playoff season in ever sport. And so…due to a family legacy (aka I would have been homeless had I not sided with my father) I became a Yankees fan and a Leafs fan. This is kind of a nice change of pace because I get to alternate between being hated because my team wins so much and being hated because my team can’t win very often. I decided to recently combine my love of sports and my love of reading and dive into the world of sports bios.

I am currently reading “A-rod: The Many Lives Of Alex Rodriguez” by Selena Roberts and Theo Fleury’s contentious bio, “Playing With Fire”. Thus far here are my thoughts – on a writing and interest level, both books are amazing and really hold your focus. Also, if you really want to learn about sports but find stats dry these books are full of interesting anecdotes that will pop into your mind to tell your friends…just ask my boyfriend who now knows more than he ever wanted to about either A-Rod or Theo Fleury.

On a personal level, these books will leave you pondering why you never followed a path that lead to sports journalism…I think I would personally make a phenomenal sports broadcaster…although I think I’d have a hard time coming up with a catch phrase. Any ideas?

A sneak peak at my attempts to make the nhl and in turn write my own sports bio...I think it's going to be awhile.


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