T: No Clever Title.

Although my Twestie may claim I bring the “smarts and stuff” to this blog, let’s be honest there are few individuals who can keep up with the pace of her wit…especially when it comes to being punny. I often try to maintain a moderate level of wit with a heavy dose of sarcasm thrown in for good measure (I feel like I’m writing some sort of recipe for humour…) however, I can rarely keep up with her and my title today demonstrates that. In my defense…it’s a Monday.

My twestie shared so much in her recent post that I feel like I’m heartless and tinman-esque in comparison. However, I have also not had as much life-changing experience in recent months. I am also seeing someone phenomenal (not to be outdone by my twestie) and you would think that would affect my reading…however, it hasn’t. If anything my mind seems to be more at peace (from the ridiculous amount of happiness I seem to be experiencing) and so I am able to read more in less time. Lately, I have been averaging about three books a week. 🙂

The latest reads (no need to check back on my last post, I will list them) have been Martin Page’s “The Discreet Pleasures of Rejection”, Elizabeth Hickey’s “The Painted Kiss” and Mark Haddon’s “A Spot of Bother”.

  • Martin Page’s “The Discreet Pleasures of Rejection”: Was a clever and quick read that focuses around an interesting idea – the main character gets broken up with on his voicemail…which I would say is more than moderately irritating. To make matters worse, he has no idea who the individual breaking up with him is. He spends the next few weeks receiving condolences from his friends and basking in the glow of self-pity before re examining his life, attempting to determine if he has gone crazy or suffered some sort of brain damage and in the end actually seeing clearly for the first time the role he has assigned himself in life – only to decide it may not be a role he wants to play any longer. I recommend this book for anyone who values dark wit and introspection. It may even make you question whether or not you have been playing a role in your own life that you may no longer wish to fill…
  • Elizabeth Hickey’s “The Painted Kiss” was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. I found it particularly interesting as it is a fictional romance based on fragments of historical reality. Based on my favourite artist, I enjoyed the components related to the back stories of some of his most famous paintings. However, it left me wondering in what cruel world it was decided that we could not choose who we love. It also made reminded me that sometimes we need to make decisions that are difficult in order to be happy in the long run – highly recommended for die hard romantics and art historians alike 🙂 
  •  Mark Haddon’s “A Spot of Bother”:  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Douglas Coupland or Chuck Palahniuk. Haddon has a similarly dark but humorous tone and many parts of the book left me laughing out loud, while some made me squirm uncomfortably and convince myself that, yes, I too may be dying of some mysterious illness yet to be diagnosed. The story revolves around several members of one “normal” british family and reminds us that often those who seem the most even-tempered and level-headed are the ones who are slowly melting down on the inside, while those who seem the most combustible are those who are dealing with their ordeals in the healthiest way possible. I do not recommend this one for any hypochondriacs…but I do recommend it for anyone with a crazy but lovable family.

    Next on the list – Chuck Palahniuk’s “Survivor” and Fadia Faqir’s “The Cry of the Dove”.

    As D. has said “eat your fruits and veg”…but don’t forget your mind needs to be fed too!



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