T: Reading – an escape from life.

This week has been crazy…but the odd thing is my reading is actually increasing rather than taking a hit. It seems that with the stress of budgeting for Christmas, finding a last minute ride to Toronto (after mine backed out at the last minute), having my student loan payments reassessed, missing a very important test in regards to my career future, trying to make sure my law school application is complete and also in trying to prepare for the neverending stream of tests and interviews I have for job competitions I can find nothing better to do than read…which is lucky for you because I can make a few recommendations!

First of all – the “People’s Republic of Desire” as mentioned in the last blog was light and entertaining…for the first half of the book. However, after that it seemed like a never ending verbose version of sex and the city. I tired quickly of the 30 something whining of career women about nothing but being trampled on by men. If good for nothing else this book should remind women of what they do not want to become.

Since finishing that book I have a read a few that I would say are much more worthy of your time.

I have recently taken a liking to dark, slightly racy comedic writer Christopher Moore. This week his “Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove” proved a very worthy distraction. I would recommend it to anyone with imagination, a sense of adventure …and a bit of a dirty mind. 🙂

On the opposite end of the spectrum – in the vein of Anne Frank, was “The Man in the Box”. Thomas Moran’s tragic, coming of age story that surrounds a young austrian boy whose family is hiding a jewish doctor in their barn. I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Anne Frank…and is now an adult looking for something a little less black and white…and a little more realistic in regards to human nature and the grey area surrounding good deeds.

Next on the bedside table –

  1. Martin Page’s “The Discreet Pleasures of Rejection”
  2. Fadia Faqir’s “The Cry of the Dove”
  3. Chuck Palahniuk’s “Survivor”
  4. Elizabeth hickey’s “The Painted Kiss”…This one is about my favourite artist, Gustav Klimt…I’m excited!

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