T: Staying the course.

So, yes I am posting again today!

I finished a fantastic book last night and thought I would take a moment or two to recommend it.

I know the whole Afghanistan sob story thing (sorry to offend) is seen as a little 3-4 years ago (à la Kite Runner) but I swear this quick read is well worth it. “The Swallows of Kabul” is short and sweet (okay in some parts a little sweet and a little more horrific) but the next time it is snowing outside, and trust me that will be soon. Curl up with this little gem that will warm you from it’s descriptions of the sweltering desert heat and cause you to question your own human nature. It follow two men who are living in the midst of taliban rule and who in very different ways do not agree with the regime’s approach to government.

I dont generally bully (ok, I do) but I would recommend this for any man who doesn’t understand the importance of women’s rights issues.

That’s all for today! Enjoy!

Next on the bedside table – “The People’s Republic of Desire” by Annie Wang – so far it is a unique and funny perspective on the “new generation” of Chinese women.


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