T: Just in Time for Hallowe’en.

If anyone out there still checks on our posts I pity you. Every day you must cross your fingers as you navigate to our page (although I’m hoping in this case you have us in your bookmarks as fingers crossed typing would be a challenge), only to have your dreams shattered as a familiar post from a year or so ago appears on your screen.

Well good news folks! For now at least it seems my work is no longer blocking this website. I do not have the internet at home…I know, I know it’s crazy…but that’s just how I roll. BUT no longer will this keep me from blogging.

Although I may not have been writing lately I most definitely have been reading! I have discovered a new favourite author and have managed to complete the swedish monstrosity known as “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo”.

First things First…Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is not for the faint at heart or for those who may not have the forearn strength to hold up such a large novel. Fair warning – the names are swedish (deal with it, it’s set in Sweden). However, I found the biggest challenge in this book was to get past being inundating with back stories and plot foundation in order to move forward with the story. About half the way into the book, however, it got incredibly exciting – albeit to quote my twestie…a bit “rape-y” – and I was compelled to stay awake a few more hours to finish it. (Mostly so that nightmares about rapists escaping conviction wouldn’t haunt me.) I will read the next book, because if this book is the precursor perhaps I can escape the flood of exposition that drowned me in this one.

Great author to check out – Jonathan Tropper! Below I’ve included some titles I’ve read over the last few months by him and really enjoyed.

Todays Recommended Read:

“A Seat At The Table: A Novel of Forbidden Choices By: Joshua Halberstam”

Let me know what you think and happy Hallowe’en!


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