D: Florida in 15 sleeps

According to my dad, T. and I are headed to Florida in a mere 15 sleeps! I can’t believe how fast it’s coming – I suspect that this is because I have been SO BUSY lately. Last week I had my performance review due at work (it’s a big deal at my work because we get performance pay on top of the annual inflation rate pay increase most public servants get) + a tonne of prep work to do for my peer review meeting, which was today and yesterday! For anyone not familiar with academia, you might not be fully aware of what goes on at a peer review meeting, but it is basically a room full of brain oozage from senior researchers in a particular field. I’m confident that some amazing research in Aboriginal health will be funded as a result of this meeting, and I’m really excited because one project I really really believe in looks like it will be funded for sure.

But anywheezy, sorry that I have been such a sucky blogger lately! The real reason I popped on here today (I almost wrote “pooped on here”) is that I have decided to return to see a psychologist that I was seeing for a couple of months last year. When I first went to see her in 2008, I just got an assessment and had a few sessions that touched on a few of my overarching issues (mostly surrounding my weight), but then she went on maternity leave. When she came back in October from mat leave, I just never ended up calling her again because I had lost the weight I was trying to lose (for the most part) by that point.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a lot of my struggle to shed the last 10 pounds has been mental; I have lost ~ 90 lbs in the last 2.5 years but my relationship with food is abysmal.  I obsess about what I eat, what other people eat, what time I eat, how full I am, how hungry I am, when I will eat again, and, most alarmingly, with hoovering food before my brain can register that I’m eating it. It’s like it’s my belly (or, perhaps more aptly, my taste buds) vs. my brain and that’s not ok with me. Today’s session was mostly an intro but I will keep you guys posted as to how it goes from here on out 🙂


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