T: It’s been a long time…


As seems to be the case lately, I will begin this entry by apologizing for my lack of blogging. However, I have good reason to have been M.I.A (and I don’t mean the female recording artist). In the past month I have written 4 job competition exams, had an oral french interview and have two interviews over the next week and a half that I have to prepare for…all while still trying to keep on top of my LSAT studying (which isn’t really going so well this week). BUT I have managed to continue reading. Lately I have finished “Twinkie, deconstructed” and Felicity Lawrence’s “Eat your Heart Out” – both books I recommend to anyone who wants to better understand where your food comes from. Although, I do not recommend them to people who tend to obsess over things since they will give you ample reason to stop eating altogether.

I am now reading “High School Confidential” and “The Audacity to Win”.  “High School Confidential” is sooooo amazing thus far that I will probably finish it by tomorrow and report back with a full commentary – to whet the appetite though, here is a short synopsis: A 24-year-old stanford grad decides he will not take the path travelled by all his peers, the path down Wall Street and ends up undercover in a Southern California high school as a 17-year-old transfer student…best part of the story – IT IS TRUE! This dude managed to convince a school board to let him undertake a “participant observation study”.

More tomorrow!



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