T: T-winkie, deconstructed…

I know, I know, it’s been awhile. Please do not make this anymore awkward than it has to be. I am a bad friend/blogger. I have left you all alone for quite a few days and low blog investment is no way to get a high reader return.

For all of you who are wondering – D. and I’s weekend trip was fantastic, the perfect warm-up to our romantic Floridian getaway in just over a month. We strolled hand in hand while eating candy and even managed to be frightened by a small child (in our defense, a small child straight out of an “‘are you afraid of the dark?” episode…staring up at us through slats in a giant wooden chair…you can’t make this stuff up!)

I have also managed to get to another one of my favourite places on earth (which I’m sure will come as no surprise to anyone) – the library! I picked up a few gems. 1- ive been salivating over at chapter’s for a while now, The Greatest Show on Earth by: Richard Dawkins and 2- caught my eye as a result from a combination of the influence D.’s food lit craving has had on me and amazing marketing (great cover and title), Twinkie, Deconstructed by Steve Ettlinger.

So far Dawkins has not disappointed with an extremely readable and clever presentation of the evidence for evolution. He also strengthens his case with the collaborations from several high level religious officials, and makes it fun to read with funny little analogies and side remarks. I will move through this one quickly, or at least I hope to, since it has been borrowed from the express section in the library :S

“Twinkie, deconstructed” has been a wonderful experience. I love to learn as I read, and many of my favourite books have taught me a great deal (albeit mostly useless) about a variety of things – from history to the discovery of medicines. As a foodie, this was the ultimate combination – learning about the things we eat. A great line from Ettlinger – “If we are what we eat, then we should probably know where it comes from.” So far I have learned that flour (and any other carbon based dust, such as cocoa) is highly explosive – wtf? I will keep you up to date on my progress with this one, as I think it may be a “keeper”.


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