T: Tell Me Lies, Tell Me “Sweet Little Lies”…

So this weekend I managed to make a little progress on the fiction front. Now don’t get your hopes up readers I did not tackle a great piece of fictional literature…I tackled a mediocre piece of semi-fiction – Lauren Conrad’s recent addition to her L.A. Candy series, “Sweet Little Lies”.

For those of you who have been living under a rock over the past few MTV-laden years, Lauren Conrad began her reality TV career as the narrator/”lead” of MTV’s reality show ‘Laguna Beach’.

Now, readers I loved Laguna Beach. I spend all day thinking, and a great deal of my nights are spent reading…most of this reading is non-fiction and politically related. My brain gets tired. When my brain gets tired I turn to trashy reality TV, and nothing quite satisfies this craving like high school/college romantic drama (I did after all growing up with Beverly Hills 90210 and Sweet Valley High). Laguna did just that…and then Lauren (L.C.) grew up. You would think then that I might move on…but I didn’t. I just moved with her, to L.A. for her new show “The Hills”.

Lauren has managed to spin her booming reality TV career into fame, fortune, a fashion career…and now a series of novels (and rumor has it they will be made into movies).

The first book in the L.A. Candy series made it quite obvious that she was writing based on her experience with reality TV, managing to blur the lines of characters just enough to avoid charges of libel. It was entertaining, and the writing was of a quality just high enough to avoid being distracting…but I loved every second of it and read it in a sitting. DO NOT GET ME WRONG…it did not belong on the NY Times best seller list (which it did make by the way), but neither did Dan Brown and yet he also found himself there. It is trash, my friends, glorious trash.

However, I was extremely excited this weekend when a friend handed over her copy of the sequel “Sweet Little Lies”. I read it in about an hour and a half before I went to bed last night, and it did not disappoint. So, if you love reality TV, a little lot of drama, and don’t mind setting aside your literary quality assurance for a night I recommend checking this one out (of the library that is since I do not expect you to dish out money for this trash).


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