T: a girl could really do with a writer or two…

So this weekend was really low-key for me, I mostly worked on a written component of a job competition I’m in and did some reading…mostly since I was still recovering from the virus that ate my soul on sunday/monday. 

This post will mostly be an apology in advance. I will try my best to write a few decent posts this week, however, the written component mentioned above is due on Thursday…and I start my all new exciting volunteer position with Amnesty International this week working as a media liaison (two days this week)…and I’m trying to get back on track with my LSAT studying. However, I am doing my best to practice what I preach so even though I’m incredibly busy I intend to at the very least finish Paul Martin’s bio…and start Obama’s “Audacity for Hope”. 

As I watched the awful movie “The Perfect Man” I began to wonder how people with busy lives legitimately maintain their blogs.  

The Perfect Man - a W movies staple


The movie was starring Hillary duff and Heather Locklear (oh how the mighty have fallen…I mean this woman was once the arm candy to G&R’s Slash!….if you didn’t get that reference well frankly you don’t deserve to get it…). 


In the movie Hilary keeps a blog about being a “teenage gypsy” (her mom moves them around every time she goes through a bad breakup). She is clever and witty and her posts are long and DAILY…then it hit me – I NEED A WRITER… so readers I apologize in advance as student loans and the salary of an entry-level public servant do not allow me the funds to employ a writer. On that note…have some patience and stick with me. You do that and I promise to do my best to keep up with my reading list and my posts. 

I know this isn’t for everyone…but I LOVE to listen to some low-key music I while I read…I light a few candles, curl in bed, throw on a playlist and the mood has been set for a romantic date with me and whoever the author of the moment is…so yes, right now that means I set the mood for me and Paul Martin. Don’t knock it until you try it. Here is a little list of the top ten artists I love to listen to while I read. 

1 – The Smiths (recently bought their greatest hits album and its great. It’s like a love child product of the cure and the kinks…with a little something else in there I can’t put my finger on. If you loved 500 days of summer then check them out since they make up like 80% of the album…I recommend “Still Ill”, “There is a Light that Never Goes Out”, “You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet”…and for D. “How Soon is Now?” 

2- The French Kicks (A little more upbeat than The Smiths but low-key reading music none the less) 

3 – Wilco (particularly “Impossible Germany”) 

4- Ben Lee (always uplifting…and well, just pretty) 

5- Jenny Lewis 

6- Grizzly Bear 

7- Great Lake Swimmers 

8- Miike Snow (my fave – “A horse is not a home”) 

9- Deerhunter 

10 – Damien Rice 

– You may also want to check out ‘Bat for Lashes’, Jason Collett, ‘Cut Copy’, ‘Doves’, The Cary Brothers, and ‘Camera Obscura’. 

Let me know what you think!


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