D: Eating Vegetables

Helloooo! How are you all doing?

Like my biography loving counterpart, I, too, was sick for most of this week. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I was having awful stabbing stomach pain 😦 It went away by Thursday, though, hoorah! Now I’m back and better than ever (well, minus this glorious cough that seems to have attached itself to my lungs overnight).


Mid last week, I finished a book I’d been reading since just after Christmas (I was reading it on my Kindle so it was mostly read while I was waiting places, or standing in line, etc.):

Eating Animals, by Johnathan Safran Foer.

Now, I’m of the opinion that people should be aware of where their food comes from – whether that food be plant or animal. I picked up this book this book at Chapters probably 5 times, and decided not to buy it because I thought it’s purpose would be lost on me; I don’t eat meat as it is, so why would I need to read one of “those” books that tries to shock and gross people into changing the way they eat. When I got my Kindle, and saw that I could read the book for $7.99 (and I had a gift card, so really it was free), I figured that I had nothing to to lose and that maybe the book would help to reinforce my decision to not eat meat.

What this book has done is turned me into a crazy person who balks when they see people eating slices of pepperoni pizza or eating a hamburger in McDonald’s. People, you need to source your meat. I knew that animals on factory farms were not treated well, and I had a vague idea of what went on at a slaughter house (you know, the slaughtering part) but I had no idea how far past “necessary cruelty” most factory farms go in an effort to save money, save time, and maximize profits. This book had me crying in line at the gym while waiting to sign up for spinning, and had me launching into sermons at my poor boyfriend that could rival those of any televangelist.

In reading this book, it’s not hard to see that Safran Foer would like for people to stop eating meat altogether. What I found refreshing about this book, though, is that it’s not a vegetarian or vegan smiting anyone who eats meat and trying to gross people into giving up their carnivorous (or omnivorous) ways forever. Rather, the author himself struggles throughout this book with whether or not he should be eating meat, and whether or not he should feed his child meat. To chronicle his struggle, he features chapters written a factory farmer, a vegetarian ranch owner, and a factory farm owner, to name a few; because of this, I found myself swaying between “If people knew this, they wouldn’t even be able to look at meat” and “ok well as long as it lives a good life and is slaughtered humanely, then I guess it’s ok.”

All in all, I found Eating Animals to be well rounded, well founded, thoroughly researched and, although Safran Foer clearly leans toward the non-meaty side of the debate, non-partisan, in a sense.


On account of the war going on in my stomach this past week, my food this week has been very boring. I did, however, snap a picture of tonight’s dinner for you all! Behold, a 5 point (Weight Watchers points, that is) dinner:

Again, sorry for the grainy picture 😦 Behold a PC Blue Menu World’s Best Meatless Chicken Breast covered in salsa, sweet potato fries, roasted asparagus and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

Speaking of sweet potato fries, T. and I had a delicious dinner at a local microbrewery, the Clocktower Brew Pub. We shared the goat cheese salad and the sweet potato fries, and it delish. But wait, there’s more! We then split a piece of Caramel Pecan Cheesecake. It was, need I say, oh so good.

Oh, and for anyone who is wondering how Candy Saturday went…it went well! Sad to say though, I think it went well because there may or may not have been a Candy Friday the night before – so by the time Candy Saturday came around, I could settle for the bare minimum. But, hey! I still did it and I didn’t feel like I missed out at all.


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