T: Hell and High Water…both versions

My apologies readers to anyone who has looked for something over the last few days only to be disappointed. Unfortunately, I was incredibly ill …I even thought at one point that I may have been on my death bed. As it turns out I caught a virus that was going around Ottawa and am now well on my way to being back to normal.

As it turns out my next read was aptly named considering what the virus felt like – hell. I am currently about halfway through Paul Martin’s (the former Canadian Minister of Finance and subsequently PM) biography – “Hell or High Water”. So far, I am learning quite a bit about a PM I knew relatively little about, his experiences growing up under the shadow of a political great (his father Paul Martin is considered by many to be one of the founders of Medicare), his not so warm relationship with the Canadian gem Jean Chrétien and best of all for me…a little bit about the world of government finance and the current economic state. Now, I am aware that this doesn’t sound all that interesting to many BUT I generally like to take a little something with me from each book and I know little to nothing about federal finance. This book has tought me just enough for me to no longer feel completely ignorant of the subject while maintaining a light hearted feel and an anecdotal writing style.

As for Maya Angelou’s “I know why the caged bird sings” I thought it was fantastic …although the last 20 pages or so remain a blur as that was when I was at my peak of illness. It was definitely depressing…but in just the way I like, it was heartwarming and uplifting in the end and it made me ever thankful for the life I live.

Unfortunately folks that’s it for now as I’m still not feeling 100%. I will tell you however the books I have in line for the next little while… I’m trying to satisfy my apetite for political non-fiction while balancing the wider popularity of fiction.

1 – Clinton’s “Giving”

2 – Water for Elephants

3- Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope”

4- Lauren Conrad’s “Sweet Little Lies” (I read the first one, why stop now?)

5 – The Audacity to Win: Lessons learned from the Obama Campaign


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