T: black HER-story month

So ladies and gents this weekend I spent even more time than usual at Chapters (or as D. and I refer to it “the greatest place on earth”). As some of you are probably aware from D.’s post we go to Chapter’s every weekend to spend some time basking in the glow of happiness…and stuffing our faces full of candy.

This friday I had a huge headache and as a result did not end up at work. I did, however end up making my way to Chapter’s where I took up residence on a comfy chair with “Push”, the novel that was recently made into the movie Precious. I was completely drawn in and about an hour and a half later had finished the book without so much as stopping once. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good depressing read…and apparently the movie is also phenomenal (although I can’t personally vouch for that as I have yet to watch it). The book is written in an interesting style and as a good deal of it is written phonetically it can take a little getting used to (similar to Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh if any of you have read that…if you haven’t I recommend it).

Once the language obstacle has been overcome you will find a heart-breaking/heart-warming novel that has you intermittently questioning and cheering for humanity. I even teared up at one point…so here’s your challenge (if any of you take me up on it I will very impressed): Which part had me all choked up?

Also in the vein of black history month…and the recommendation of a reader I am almost finished “I know why the caged bird sings” by Maya Angelou, and I will tell anyone who has read “Push” or seen the movie Precious you will love this book…and it makes it even more heart-breaking and heart-warming that it is a true story. If you have enjoyed either of these I would strongly suggest any Alice Walker novels…the most famous probably being “The Color Purple”.

Sorry, no pics this week readers, maybe that will be your reward for guessing which part of  ‘Push’ made me cry…


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