T: I know why this bird does NOT sing…

So, ladies and gents I think we can all agree that there are some ruts we get stuck in and then one day we realise we forgot how we got into it…

To quote a friend of a friend – “Do you ever do something and as you’re doing it wonder what is happening…I just bought Benjamin Button on DVD.” Ok, now forget the Benjamin Button part but focus on the rest. Years ago I discovered that as much respect as I have for those who write poetry (and as much as I love the Tragically Hip song “Poets”) I came to terms with the fact that, alas, I would not be a pretentious old timer spouting wisdom via Kipling and Frost quotes – I don’t like poetry…there I said it. My name is Tiffany and I am powerless over my hate for poetry.

In this vein I was a little tentative to purchase anything by Maya Angelou…no dissing the woman it just ain’t my thing. I mean I feel like forcing myself to read something is disrespectful to the person who wrote it, if it feels like work and it isn’t then I’m sure she would rather I just don’t pick up her book…perhaps that I leave it to someone who might better appreciate it. However, a reader suggested I check out “I know why the caged bird sings” an autobiographical look at Maya Angelou’s life, and in an homage to black history month I thought it sounded like a timely idea.**Note my title is both a reference to this book and my complete incapability to sing in a pleasant manner.**

Thus far I am really enjoying it. I actually can’t put it down. Although it is not poetry you can definitely get lost in the way she so artfully describes things.

“Boys? No, rather men who were covered in the graves’ dust and age without beauty or learning” (a description of Ku Klux Klan members)”

So readers…here is my mini challenge for you – get out of your comfort zone, at least in terms of what you read. Who knows you might even find a new obsession, I know I’m going to give poetry another chance. 

My name is Tiffany and I USED TO BE powerless over my hate for poetry.


2 responses to “T: I know why this bird does NOT sing…

  • starrystarrynight

    thought of another bio to recommend as was combing through an amazing bookstore in nyc where I’ve been working for the past few weeks, lucky stiff that I am.


    Saw a copy of “I’m the One that I want” by Margaret Cho a comedian. The book is funny, edgy, poignant. I loved it and its available at the Ottawa Public Library.

  • twesties

    1- This place looks amazing! D. and I may try to do a long weekend in NYC this summer and if we do you can be sure I will make this one of my stops.

    2- I love Margaret Cho and have been a fan for years and will definitely add it to my “To Read” list as your last recommendation has been thoroughly enjoyable.

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