T: A day in the [literary] life

Since D. decided to show you a day in her life with food I decided to give you an oh so exciting day in my life with reading, even if just to show you that there is always a few moments for a book.

This one will be short but as a lovely blog reader has given me suggestions for female biographical reads I will soon be able to give you some feedback on that! Also, if anyone has anything lit-related they’re curious about or anything they’d like to read about …be my muse, inspire me!

7:00 am – Get up for work (I am not as gung-ho as D. but hopefully will be come March 1 with my new gym membership)

8:00 am – catch the bus and read for the 20 min. it takes me to get to work (today my read was “What Every American Should Know About the Middle East – told you I was a nerd)

10:00 am – blog 🙂

12:30 – Lunch (Study for the LSAT on my “break”)

4:00pm – get off work and have volunteer interview with Amnesty International (wish me luck!)

5:00 pm – meet a friend for coffee….and then stay behind and read more of my crash course on Middle Eastern history and politics

6:00pm – walk the dog and make supper (usually scrambled eggs with cut up veggies and feta…Im super boring AND I LOVE EGGS)

7:00pm – Pilates at home

8:00pm – read a min. of 50 pages of Allan Gottlieb’s memoirs “The Washington Diaries”…then depending on how tired I am/anything that interests me on TV I either read another 50 pages …of this or one of the many books I have on the go. I have recently separated the books I have read and those I bought and have yet to read…this shelf is my motivation to keep reading…primarily so I can feel justified in buying more books!!!!

…see readers, no matter how busy you are you can always find a quiet moment for a book, even if that means you take a month or a year to finish…you still managed to feed your mind, which is just as important as feeding your tummy! 🙂


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