T: trading places…

I know the food related blogosphere is supposed to be D.’s area of expertise BUT I had to share something with you readers. I had to share a delicious little discovery on Somerset st. here in Ottawa. This discovery is the all local, all organic, all vegan new restaurant of the year “ZenKitchen”. Yesterday, a friend of mine propositioned me…no, not like that…she asked me if I wanted to check out one of the many restaurants here in Ottawa that has recently gotten great publicity. Since I am trying to go veggie (not become a vegetable, but rather go meatless…again, no not like that) we settled on this lovely little gem – ZenKitchen.

Near Somerset and Bronson, Ottawa

We made a quick online reservation on their site: http://www.zenkitchen.ca/ (I will also put the link up for future reference) and made our way there for 5pm. I figured we would be the only people there at that time but the tables quickly filled up. The meal started with an amazing amuse-bouche that I am telling you somehow managed to fit turkey dinner into a single bite…I was in heaven. This was followed with a roasted red pepper cream spread with bread. Then our appetizer came…wild local mushrooms in a light breading with delicious asian inspired sauces.  Our main courses were the breaded seitan and lemon grass curry.

My main - a gluten product that can basically be summed up as delicious...seitan.

The desserts we chose were a key lime mousse and a chai-almond crème brulée. The meal was unbelievable. I was stuffed to the brim without feeling completely weighed down. I recommend this restaurant for veggies, and non-veggies alike – for amuse bouche, bread, apps, main and desserts (plus dark chocolate truffle to top off the meal) the bill came in just under 40$. Amazing. 

If you think being veggie might be something you’re interested in…or if you just want to see if it’s really all that it’s cracked up to be – take the seven-day meat-less challenge. Check out the link on the right for the veggie challenge…try it out and have a chance to win prizes!

To veg or not to veg...that is the question.


…Next time back to books I swear!


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