D: I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.

Ok, so I know it’s been awhile. See, here’s the thing: it’s easy to ignore your blog when nobody reads it ;).  But now I catch wind that some book clubbers have been referred to our humble blog, and T called me and told me I better not drive you guys away, so here I am.

I’ll be honest. There have been  a multitude of reasons why I’ve been away. Let’s see…I’ve been sick for a week and a half, I got a promotion at work and so, as a result, care a lot more about my work and actually semi-enjoy it and don’t mind staying a little late, and was home for Christmas holidays. That’s not really a multitude, but moreso a trifecta. So, there has been a trifecta of reasons why I’ve been away. I don’t think that’s the correct use of the word “trifecta”. Anyone?

Onward. I thought I would mark my triumphant and warmly received (right?) return to blogging by listing a few of my diet staples. These are the cream of the crop, readers – the things that get me through each day and help me to maintain my almost 100lb weight loss.

1. Stevia

I love stevia. Correction – I love sugar. Typically, when dieting, people will make the seemingly natural transition from plain old sugar to artificial sweeteners – think splenda, equal, sugar twin, etc. I’m not here to tell you that those things are going to kill you or eat your brain or make you die of an aneurism. I am here to tell you that there’s something that tastes just as good and that comes from completely natural sources (a plant) and that has been used for centuries as a natural sweetener. This “something” is obviously stevia.

You can find stevia at your local health food store (if you have one), or even at your regular grocery store (probably in the organic/natural section). It is fairly pricey – about $10 for 100 packets, but well worth it in my opinion.

Frozen berries

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t eat smoothies/bake pies, so why would frozen berries be something I should buy?” Well my friends, the answer is simple – it’s because they are delicious to eat frozen, sprinkled with (tada!) stevia. Now you’re probably thinking “gross, but aren’t they crunchy?”. No! they are not! They are chewy (especially frozen blueberries) and sweet and delicious, and most importantly of all, they’re a real food (read: not a 100 calorie pack of oreos or chocolate chip cookies or whoknowswhat sweet thing that has an ingredient list 200 feet long).

3. Vitatops

They’re chocolate muffin tops that are 100 calories each (1 Weight Watchers point), and they aren’t made of pure crap. Need I say more? Oh, yes I do – I need to tell you where to buy these delicious muffiny pillows of love. http://www.vitalicious.com/locator <— your best friend.

4. Kashi bars

People, trust me on this one. They taste like brownies, have 2 WW points, and can be purchased for a steal of a price at Costco. Try them, and let me know what you think. Unless you don’t like them because then my jaw will fall to the floor and shatter and I really can’t be without my jaw, because I need it to chew these bad mothers.

That’s going to be it for tonight, mes amis, because I am tired and I have a book calling my name:


4 responses to “D: I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.

  • ashley

    I love that you are blogging about stevia and am wondering if you have tried PureVia yet? It’s a zero calorie, all natural, stevia sweetener that perfectly compliments coffee and can also be used to sweeten other hot or cold drinks or be sprinkled on cereal, fruit or yogurt. I would love to send you samples of the product for your review.

    • twesties

      Hi! I would love to try Purevia; however, I’m in Canada so I’m not sure if that’s a problem in terms of sending samples. I’ll send you an e-mail and you can let me know if it’s possible 🙂

  • fullbellyfan

    Hey!! Just bought/tried stevia!! Great suggestion!! I really liked it D. AND I think I mentioned this already, but the Kashi bars are also delicious. I was however a little disappointed in the pumpkin ones 😦 But the chocolate coconut were DELICIOUS.

    • twesties

      Yay! I’m glad you liked stevia…I am exciting to go to the US in April and pick up some of the stevia they can buy down there and buy some of the stevia sweetened products they have 😀 The pumpkin kashi bars are OK I think, if you love pumpkin pie. I like them in plain yogurt but I’m weird that way and obviously chocolate coconut is THE BOMB!

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