T: big ambitions…big stress


At the moment my days are filled with practicing logic games for the LSAT (to be written in June), stressing about my future, reading as much political lit as possible in order to try to become somewhat politically savvy – a necessity if you are going to run the country, and finally trying to stay in somewhat good physical shape…and oh ya, trying to have a little fun.

1 – Logic games are driving me crazy but at least I feel like Im making some progress. SOME progress meaning I no longer feel that I will score a zero on that particular section of the LSAT.

2- I really want to do something great with my life…but I also really stress about the little things, like saving enough for a downpayment on a house, finding someone who not only makes me happy but would be responsible enough for me to (in my father’s words) hitch my wagon to. I realize these worries are silly since I am not even 25 yet…BUT tons of people are afraid of mice and spiders – they know these things are pretty much harmless but this doesn’t make the fear any less real.

My current mantra...

3- At the moment I am reading Hatfield’s compelling look at “Dub-ya” pre-presidency. It is great and very hard to put down. It is even handed and in some situations you find yourself rooting for the down-home boy. However, the author also makes us question political pay-offs and the difficult decisions that come with being governor (and eventually president). I recommend this book to anyone. Even if you aren’t into politics…you might be more interested after this book. It isn’t convoluted and uses minimal political jargon…there are even handy footnotes that explain who people are.

Hatfield's 'Fortunate Son'

I am also getting through Allan Gottlieb’s memoirs as Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. (he was one of the first Canadian Ambassadors to understand that if you are going to get to be a key player in Washington…or even just get invited to parties then you have to be willing to put yourself out there…to become a clown in the circus that is Washington). This – and a convo I recently had with a friend of mine – got me to thinking. Is the reason that so many Canadians are more interested in American politics the “dog and pony show” that it has become? If so, will Canadian politicians have to stoop to that level to overcome the rampant apathy that seems to have afflicted the Canadian voting population?…is that really a worthy trade-off?

The "dog and pony show"

3 – Anyone who doesnt feel like they have time to fit in exercise should go pick up a Winsor pilates book… I have found it to be quick and have already seen results. The diagrams are useful and the explanations are detailed and clear. Also – it has yet to get boring and only takes about 30 min/day to do the full intermediate workout. 🙂 …ALSO, D. will be doing her best to motivate me to get buff starting March 1st as I will be getting a gym membership to her gym.

The Book I work from

4 – D. and I will be attending the LaRoux show this weekend…half out of our love for her music…half out of our disbelief that she can sing that high for an entire live show.

Laroux...Ottawa Feb. 6th

Until next time!



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