T: Classy girl + Trashy TV = 1 great night


Last night I took it easy, read a little, made myself a little supper, did some pilates…and watched the greatest trashy TV I’ve seen in years.

The show in question is called “VH1’s Tough Love”. It is pretty much ‘He’s just not that into you’ in the form of a reality TV show with many women living in one house. Now, all of these women suffer from one of the many common tendencies that keep girls from being in healthy relationships. (one girl dates people she wants to save, one woman is almost forty and cant find “the one”, one girl only dates rich guys, one ex-stripper has no problem finding someone to sleep with, one girl has her standards set so high no one can meet them, etc. etc.) Anyway it sounds awful but I’m telling you it’s worth checking out on Mondays at 8pm (my time – Ottawa, ON)

Once I had gotten my quota of trash in I figured it was time to feed my mind, so I did something I often do when I’m tired but itching to read. I read something I’ve already finished and loved. That way I dont feel guilty for not getting very far or falling asleep since I already know how it ends. This time I decided to rekindle my relationship with one of my faves – ‘She’s come undone’  By: Wally Lamb. For those who love books that are heartwarming and super depressing all rolled into one, with a few risqué sex scenes thrown in for good measure then I adamently suggest you pick this little gem up…and I guarantee if your friends read then one of them has it lying around the house. Check it out…you’ll grow to love and sometimes hate the main character Dolores Price.

An old fave...


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