T: running on no sleep…NO SLEEP

So reader(s),

I realize it has been just under two week since I have blogged…which in the blog-iverse is paramount to a few centuries…but let’s face it – Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. Since Ive last talked to you I have suffered several injuries:

1) bruised cheekbone

2) sprained ankle

3) various misc. bruises on legs

4)injured upper back and neck

5) possible concussion

…Although 1-3 occurred simultaneously on new year’s eve as a result of the deadly combination of heels, ice and alcohol 4 and 5 were really the ones that slowed me down. I fell on the ice walking my dog and it has really slowed me down (and made me cranky). I have, however, gotten through another 1/4 of Anna Karnenina and the entire “Shut Up, Im talking!”

Gregory Levey’s “Shut up, I’m Talking”

I STRONGLY recommend Gregory Levey’s book to anyone interested in foreign affairs, anyone who has ever worked within or simply been frustrated by bureaucracy…or just anyone with a great sense of humour. It was the type of book I was sad to finish because it meant no more ridiculous anecdotes (this book was so funny at times it had me laughing out loud in public).

I am now a few pages into Allan Gottlieb’s chronicles of his time as Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. (“The Washington Diaries”) and thus far it is very entertaining (although it may prove a little heavy in the political name department for those not overly interested in Canadian domestic politics).

Gottlieb's Diaries as Ambassador

This week is looking pretty busy – I have a meeting with Refugee and Immigration lawyer at a local law school to discuss my potential future career(s)… :S wish me luck! But I will try my very best to keep you up to date on the reading front…and to finish the bane of my exisitence – Anna Karenina.

PS: D and I have finalized trip plans to Florida in April so hopefully we will be able to incorporate our mutual interests into the vacay and to report back on the books we read while away/ the food we ate 😀


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