T: A belly full of treats and a bus full of weirdos…


Ladies and gents I hope your holidays were good to you and I trust that Santa was able to find you all. I made the treck home for all of 5 days. Which sounds like a long vacay …but trust me it isn’t – not when you spend 18 hours on the bus each way :S

This year I took the bus. Although it did offer plenty of reading opportunity it did not offer many potential kindred spirits (for all of you Anne of Green Gables fans). Every seat had been sold and let me tell you there is a special kind of person who travels long distances by bus.

If you are on the bus for 10+ hours you must be one of the following:

1) a student or recent grad with little to no cash flow (i.e. me)

2) a member of the super super elderly (not just like sixty but pushing eighty or ninety)…these people think that the bus is very convenient, if only because they have also traversed the prairies by covered wagon at some stage in their life.

3) an individual who is super trashy, drunk and enjoys talking loudly about your most recent bar fight or domestic dispute…you would wait to do this when it is 3 am and everyone is quite obviously trying to sleep.

4) amish…yes they were on the bus, and no I can not explain why.

I will leave you to your imagination to imagine the bliss that was this bus trip. Without my books and trusty ipod I would have probably jumped ship somewhere around Riviere de Loup, QC….if there were anything to do in Riviere de Loup that is…

Well folks here are the books that I am reading now and look forward to reporting back on:

– The Washington Diaries (Allan Gottlieb’s diaries from his time in Washington as Canadian Ambassador)

– Shut up, Im talking and other diplomacy lessons I learned in the Israeli Government (Gregory Levy’s memoirs from his time as a 25 yr old speach writer for the Israeli PM)

…and last but not least I swear I will finish Anna Karenina (I only have about 200 pgs to go…and Anna has just confessed her infidelity with Count Vronsky to her husband, and Konstantin Levin is contemplating proposing to Princess Kitty again since her sister has told him she would accept…)

Now…for some much needed rest.


2 responses to “T: A belly full of treats and a bus full of weirdos…

  • Elaine

    Now I will be up all night trying to figure out why the Amish were on the bus, those damn radicals…

    You’ll also have to let me know how ‘Shut Up I’m Talking’ goes, if you haven’t already finished it 🙂

    • twesties

      They weren’t actually on the bus just in the take out food place…but they did ask if there were any empty seats on the bus so….the mystery remains.

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