D: What’s the name of that Tom Hanks movie?

I stopped and set up my laptop after about my 3rd length of walking the Halifax Intl’ Airport. If you’ve ever been [un]lucky enough to be stuck in this airport, you’ll know that it is both boring and LONG.

When I’m in airports, I like to make a point of walking the length of the airport a few times, just to get some steps in. Weight Watchers (and, consequently, T and I) calls this an “actunity”… follow me here: Actunity = Activity + Opportunity. Now, if they were going to get all witty and try and make a compound word to express a situation in which one has an Opportunity to be Active, shouldn’t it be called an Opportactive or an Opptive or something? I know it’s not as pleasing on the palate, but I feel that it’s backwards the other way. Ah well, you can’t win em’ all.

So anyways, my feet are swelly from flying and I am hot and I’m sure I don’t smell too pleasant (for some reason I feel that flying renders everyone stinky), so I finally hunkered down to take advantage of the free WiFi here, and I made an observation:

People use flying (or travel in general) as an excuse to stuff their faces with crap.

Honestly, I kind of get it. Flying is exhausting, and it dehydrates you and makes you feel gross. Being a business first of all, airports take advantage of peoples weakened willpower and exhaustion and offer the delicious and overpriced junk food that people tend to turn to when they’re tired. These are the sugary, carbohydrate-laden foods that increase seratonin (think of this as chemical happiness) and make us feel happy and energetic – at least for about a half hour after we eat them, and then we crash.

In preparation for my journey home for Christmas, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a couple of these:

and a few of these:

and one of these:

Now, none of these snacks are truly “whole” foods (except maybe the Larabar, since those typically contain only 2 or 3 ingredients), but they do have the benefit of containing fibre and protein, both of which will keep you full a lot longer than a bag of chips or your average chocolate bar. You’ll be surprised how much less lethargy you feel after eating something like a Larabar, as opposed to a highly processed granola bar, milk chocolate bar, chips, etc.
Ok, I am off to kill an hour and a half until 2:15 am when I can finally board my flight. I am going to be a sleepy girl tomorrow (I don’t sleep well during the day so going to sleep at 5am for me means waking up at 10 at the latest and surviving on little sleep), but I am hoping to get outdoor run in since it is fairly warm at home (about 3 degrees celcius) as compared to Ottawa (-20 degrees celcius).

I hope Santa is good to you and yours this holiday season šŸ™‚


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