T: Midlife crisis pre mid life…

Well for all of you who don’t know D. and I are both sitting comfortably within the early-mid twenty age bracket. However, this doesn’t stop either of us from having mini breakdowns every now and then in terms of where our life is going/ that we haven’t done anything with our lives… (please do not try to remind me that there haven’t been many years in my life – as of yet – to do much with). I mean, let’s be honest the first 16-18 years are throw aways for most people (aside from those genius babies).  I don’t even think twenty four year old me would be friends with seventeen year old me if we met on the street. However, knowing this does not stop me from having mini anxiety attacks when I take a moment to think of all the things I want to do – help people, change the world for the better, or at the very least run a small country – and the few things I have accomplished to date.

If I could cha-a-a-nge the world...

This past week I had yet another panic attack about how I’m not where I thought I would be if you asked me five years ago…so, as much as I’ve been studying for the LSATs I plan to take this summer I am kicking it into high gear (not to mention I have made contact with a lawyer I really admire who works in Human Rights and we will be discussing my future plans sometime in the new year 😀 !!!!).

...I'm feeling a bit drowned in my attempts to buckle down...

 However, there is one drawback to me actually starting to put some legitimate effort into my life plan…less time to read. This doesn’t mean I won’t be indulging in some anna karenina or the odd fitzgerald or hornby on cold days when all I want is to curl up under the covers with a book and hot chocolate. I just wanted to give you fare warning that my reading might slow down a little over the next few months….at least it should if I stick to my LSAT study plan, but we will see. I do intend to take advantage of the Christmas holidays (for me the 21st to the 28th…ps. i may be m.i.a during this period) and whip through the end of anna karenina and any books Santa leaves me under my tree. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all of the literary snobs and Dan Brown readers alike.

Wish me luck!!!


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