D: Just keep swimming

Well, friends, the struggle continues, and the challenges keep coming. Winter has arrived here in Ottawa,  and all of a sudden it’s cold, being active means trudging through slush and wind and snow, and delicious peppermint flavoured hot chocolates, brownies, and cookies are everywhere. I’m drooling here, guys.

I wish I had some advice for how to indulge in moderation, but I’m an abstinence kind of girl (keep it clean, people). I can’t treat myself without becoming addicted to the “forbidden” food, and so I just don’t try it. I guess that’s no way to live, but it keeps my jeans fitting!

How do you guys survive the holidays? Any tips? Do you go full out and eat all of your favourite seasonal (and not so seasonal) goodies, or do you save your splurges for those special things that come but once a year? I do like to try some of my Mom’s cookies when I go home for Christmas, and I don’t feel terribly guilty about it, because I work out when I’m home and last year, I managed to maintain my weight over the holidays.

This year, I’m going home for Christmas 40 lbs lighter than last year, and armed with will and determination (Tragically Hip anyone?). I’m bringing my running shoes and I’m planning on running on the track at the local community centre and  paying the drop-in fees to work out at the gym on the army base.

What are you doing to make sure that you don’t start off 2010 with a muffin top and a sugar hangover? 😉


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