T: Friday, I’m in love…

So today my title (for those who are musically uneducated) is a ‘Cure’ reference…and who may you ask, am I in love with?…well….(insert drum roll here)….WINTER! I LOVE WINTER!

Even as I was walking down the street this morning slipping all over the place in my oh so fashionable/not so practical cowboy boots I was dancing a little christmas jig inside. The sun was shining…the snow is all fluffy and white (not slushy and grey – ewww) and dogs were frolicking in the snow on their morning walks. Life is good.

Also tomorrow marks one of my favourite days of the year, the day here in Ottawa when the NCC turns all of their Christmas lights on! For those of you who are in the city you should pop down to parliament between 530 and 8 to enjoy free hot cocoa and beavertails and entertainment. The christmas lights will be turned on at 7pm after the olympic torch blows through 🙂 It should be a good time for all involved and better yet, its a free saturday night event!

Just a taste of what you'll be in for on the hill Saturday evening.

Well…enough about winter and christmas festivities. I apologize for my small hiccup in blogging activity – this week has been a little crazy. However, I am now a bridesmaid in my friends wedding so it’s all been worth it! I know alot of people are groaning inside at the idea of being in a wedding party (D. included)…but the only thing that makes me as giddy as winter is WEDDINGS! Even though I’ve been busy I have managed to read a bit… I finished Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity’ and I recommend it to any male music snob out there who doesn’t believe in commitment. You’ll laugh, you’ll be compelled to download songs you haven’t thought about in years and who knows maybe you’ll find a kindred literary spirit in Rob Gordon.

Rob Gordon à la cinema...played by the always crush-worthy John Cusack (who btw shares my birthday!)

If you’re a female…regardless of music interest, or lack thereof I recommend you read this…Rob Gordon is just the type of guy most women love – he is kind of an asshole, quiet, a little self-deprecating in a witty way (which is easy when you have a writer) and there is always a hint of something you can save…you feel like he would be different with you than he was with other girlfriends. (Read it and you’ll understand) Plus its safe to crush on a guy like that when he is fictional 😉

I’m about halfway through Anna Karenina and it is getting juicy…but Count Vronsky is slowly losing interest in Anna (it seems to my untrained eye) after he got what he wanted…typical. I will, however, attempt to keep an open mind about Vronsky and maybe he will redeam himself. Also, the love of my life (Konstantin Lenin) has just found out that Princess Kitty didn’t marry Vronsky after all…stay tuned to see if she will come to her senses and let him sweep her off her feet to go live with him and his dog Laksa on his country estate.

Enjoy your weekends! Hope to see every single full belly and hungry mind in Ottawa out at the Christmas Lights Across Canada celebration. (for details: http://www.capitaleducanada.gc.ca/bins/ncc_web_content_page.asp?cid=16297-16298-10113&lang=1&bhcp=1 )


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