T: Happy Feet = Happy T.

So, this weekend I was able to do something that I have been meaning to do over the last three years ( I know my follow through abilities are epic). I finally managed to get to the biodome in mtl!

Le Biodome

It was everything I dreamed it would be! The first habitat you enter is the rainforest and aside from supplying a much-needed toasty environment (it was windy and freezing in mount fo’ real) it also provided some pretty amazing animal encounters. First I saw a creepy bird called a common trumpeter (see pic below). This bird was chillin’ and walking around people…but the sign warned “he may look friendly but DO NOT touch”…I saw many children almost fall prey to the common trumpeter and his scary looking claw feet (and let’s be honest I LOVED IT). Then there were piranhas, an anaconda, the sloth, tons o’ parrots (macaws)…and my favourite creature the ginger monkey (golden lion tamarins). The ginger monkey even showed me some love and came over closer when I called to him “ohh ginger monkey love…. come visit me!” I think we could be legit friends…if it weren’t for the whole long distance thing.

Ginger Monkeys and the Common Trumpeter

Then there was the Laurentian forest – otters, beavers, porcupines, a lynx…and tons of duck like birds and fish.

Then…the moment I had been waiting for my entire life…THE ARCTIC (penguins and puffins galore!). The penguins were so cute it hurt…I sat and watched them for more than an hour and I feel if I lived in mtl then I would go there instead of the movies. Below you will find a pic of the thing they did that I found the most adorable…they swam up to the glass and watched everyone watching them. Sometimes, they even followed kids around as they ran in front of the tank. I recommend it to anyone who goes to montreal – you will not regret it.

My pet penguin...if the security at the biodome had been slightly more relaxed.

Anyway…as you can all tell I did not have much time to read while away for the weekend. BUT an amazing little used bookstore here in Ottawa (ByTown Books – 21 Arlington Ave) is moving and so has all of their books 50% off…any readers in the city should pop down and grab some before they make their move to the Ottawa Antique Market. I went in and bought a few that I have been meaning to read or re-read, as is the case with one. So soon not only will I be able to update you on the lovely Mrs Karenin, (Anna Karenina…who by the way is becoming more distant with her husband and closer with the dashing young Count Vronsky who is trying to tempt her into adultery), I will also be able to give you some feedback on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘This Side of Paradise’ and Nick Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity” (a long time fave I’m re-reading after a few years)

The ghost of books yet to come...


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