T…Munchies, Men…and tragedy…


I am extremely excited as tonight I get to go to an art show with FREE hors d’oeuvres at a local restaurant that D and I like to refer to as “the beautiful peoples club” (thank you family guy fans for appreciating that reference…and for the rest of you, well we call you normies)

The Quahog Beautiful Peoples Club

Where we go to get away from you normies...aka Johnny Farina's Ottawa

This magnificent restaurant has decent food but better than that they have the most attractive male serving staff in the city….maybe even the world! I will let you all know how fantastic the experience was…or how awful depending on how my self-esteem holds up in the face of all that beauty.

The app. I always order (roasted garlic with a goat cheese cream sauce and flatbread)...along with the location of the Beautiful Peoples Club.

Now…that covers munchies and men so what about tragedy??? Well…after a long wait I have finally taken up Anna Karenina in earnest (and at my current rate should finish in a little under a week).

So far, many hearts have been broken…dreams squashed and even one man was cut in half by a train. At the moment Im in love with the dark and brooding character, Konstantin Lenin, who has had his proposal rejected by the beautiful Princess Kitty who in turn has been passed over by Count Vronsky (the man she chose over my love) for Anna Karenina (who is happily married with children and has come to town to help her brother reconcile with his wife (Princess Kitty’s sister) after he was unfaithful to her…with the nanny no less…very jude law-esque of him, I know). I will keep you posted as at the moment Konstantin Lenin has decided that he is going to give up any hopes of marriage “and the happiness it would bring”.

anywhoooo….better get back to work…or day dreaming about konstantin lenin…it’s snowing so i’m in kind of a romantic russian mood – very Dr. Zhivago.


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