D: As promised…

Hello to any stragglers who have stuck around through sporadic and frenzied posting on my part…sorry about that. My new job is keeping me on my toes (mentally anyways) and I am making my triumphant return to the gym after 3 weeks off due to a chest cold 😦 But, onward and upward!


So, since I am allegedly the resident food and diet blogger, I guess I should talk a bit about that.  I managed to get through my 3 week no gym stint having only gained about a pound, which I consider to be a sweeping victory given that many nights I came home right after work and snack snack snacked my way through until bed. I have been eating a LOT of these over the last month:

I have to say, they make a fantastic afternoon treat or a nice dessert, since they are only 60 calories and 0.5g of fat per lollipop. I recommend them to those of you (like me) who crave sweets after meals!


I am trying to take the transition from not exercising to exercising again slowly, so that I don’t end up overexerting myself and catching bronchitis or something. So far, so good.  I started back at the gym a week and a half ago and I’ve since done 2 spin class, 1 weight class and 3 runs, all rather successfully (although one of my runs was downright torturous). Today, I bought new cycling shoes! I wil give feedback on them once I’ve had a chance to try them out but I have high hopes that they will improve my cycling workout!


I am still in a constant struggle when it comes to food. As much as I’d hoped that over the course of my weight loss journey my relationship with food would somehow become zen, it hasn’t, and I’m still controlled by food in a lot of ways that I wish I wasn’t. For example, every week my director bakes “treats” that she brings in to work and leaves on the table in her office for anyone who wants them. These treats are weapons of mind control, I swear, because they haunt me in my cubicle from 25 feet away. Last week, I actually went into her office and opened the ziplock bag her “ultimate chocolate chip cookies” were in, reached for one, and then recoiled. Later that day, when I was in her office talking to her, I reached for the bag, opened it, and then shouted “NO!!! I WON’T!!!” and put them back down. I’m sure she thinks I’m a freak. A promotable freak, hopefully 😀

So, 2 weeks ago I weighed in at Weight Watchers at 148 lbs, and I decided at that point that I was done.  I’m not done losing weight, but I am damned ready to stop paying Weight Watchers $13/ week 😀

I did promise that when I hit my Weight Watchers goal, I would post before and after pictures of my weight loss. Although I’m not sure anyone reads this (rendering my picture-posting hard work futile), I guess I will stay true to my word. A word of warning, however – I still hate having my picture taken so there really aren’t many full body shots (or even face shots ) of me floating around out there. Je m’excuse 😦






Ok bloggies. Time to straighten my hair, put away laundry, and make my lunch for tomorrow. Until next time!


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