T: Alchemy and witchcraft…a la paulo coehlo

I think you’ve been subjected to just about enough of my rants about humanity and the daily details of my life…so, back to what this was supposed to be all about – literature.

Over the past two days I have flooded myself with a great new discovery – Paulo Coehlo.

I started out reading a novel I’ve had sitting on my book shelf since this past June: The Alchemist. I’d heard so much about it that it is almost like the movie all your friends talk about for so long that you’re afraid to go see it…because let’s face it your friends don’t always have the best taste (they are YOUR friends) and nothing could ever live up to the hype. Well, Im glad I finally sat down with this book, because, IT DID LIVE UP TO THE HYPE!

In case you haven’t gathered thus far I am a nerd. **as demonstrated by the the use of “thus” in a blog. One of my nerdiest tendencies is to highlight passages in books I’m reading. These passages are either things I think I should live by, or just words that touch me in some way. Well, I had my highlighter out the entire time I read. There is something on every single page of the book that touched me in such a way that I’ve been trying to incorporate it into daily life. The Alchemist is a lesson in how to follow your heart to achieve your dreams and how to use your intuition so as not to lose sight of the path you’re supposed to follow through life. I recommend it to EVERYONE. Even if you aren’t someone who generally enjoys reading – it’s simple, beautiful and compelling. You’ll read it in a day. I did…and wanted more Paulo.

So, I read Witch of Portabello. It’s not quite so flooring as the Alchemist but trust me it’s compelling and you can’t help but fall in love with the beautiful and somewhat selfish protagonist – Athena. This book goes hand in hand with the message put forth by The Alchemist; follow your heart and your intuition. Only, it gives a very different idea of how to find our true self…try to do everything differently – dance off beat, sit in silence instead of talking, enjoy the moments when you have nothing to do instead of trying to fill them with chores.

It touched me enough that today on my way up the elevator to my office I felt compelled to do ANYTHING differently than I usually do…so, naturally I stood with my back to the door on the way up and even though I was alone in the elevator I stood right in front of the doors…not squished to the back like usual. I know it sounds silly but it made me more excited to start my day. It was as though I couldn’t wait for the elevator doors to open…since that’s what my body seemed to be telling my mind to think. You may think this is a bunch of new age garbage but – hey, what’s the harm? Give it a shot; you might surprise yourself.


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