T: It’s beginning to feel absolutely nothing like Christmas…

Today I sauntered into work…ok I speed walked (…sped walk…no, no, it must be speed walked) into work and I noticed all of a sudden there were Christmas trees and ornaments EVERYWHERE! It seems Santa’s elves had decorated the entire public service with tinsel and holly and ivy…(oh my!) The only thing they didn’t seem to touch with Christmas cheer were the public servants themselves.

The true face of the public service.

People just seem to be becoming increasingly self-centred and mean as the days go by. No one has held a door for the person behind them or even made an effort to stop an elevator door from closing since I have started working here. (My co-workers excepted since they are actually all pretty great people) Even the woman in the cubicle beside me insists on having incredible personal conversations at an intense volume with little to no regard for the work others around her have to do.

In this vein I have decided to make one of my next classics “A Christmas Carol”  By Charles Dickens. I try my best to have others in mind year round… but maybe we all need a little reminder.

Also, I have just finished Moll Flanders…which I’m sure you’re all happy about because let’s face it – for a classic it’s not very well-known. Regardless, I loved it and think it should be a staple in high school classrooms. It teaches you about the downfalls of living a selfish life with no regard for those around you. It shows you that greed and blind ambition can lead nowhere of value…and even better – if you do decide to pursue a life of crime it tells you how to get away with it. The only problem for kids today is that I don’t know how much money there is to be made in the pick pocket business (Moll’s specialty).

The trick of any good pickpocket...distraction.

On another note – it has given me a new creepy destination to add to my list of “must sees”: Newgate Prison in London. However, after investigating this…it seems as though the place doesn’t exist. The gates of the original building are in Buffalo, NY though…BUFFALO IT IS! What can I say readers? I aim low…it’s easier to avoid disappointment that way.



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