T: I’m going to make like an organ donor and put my heart into it…

Another day, Another blog post…

So this weekend was a blur of new experiences for me…

1- my first time at a strip club


A cartoon depiction of my Saturday...

2- my first time on stage (as an audience member not an employee…just to clarify)


3- my first weekend since I think I have been literate when I didnt pick up a book.

This weekend was a friend of mine’s bachelorette party and it was a blast …what happens at a bachelorette party stays at a bachelorette party, sorry guys ūüôā However, since I am a ninety five year old woman (physically speaking of course, not chronologically) it took me yesterday and almost all of this morning for me to recover. Since nausea isn’t really conducive to reading I wasn’t in any shape to dive into the last bit of Moll Flanders. However, this weekend as I watched women around me make more money that I think I’ve touched in this entire year through what many would call immoral practices I started to think about Moll and her mistress shenanigans. What is it that compels women to make poor moral choices when it means making a ton of money? I know I know its not just women…but as a woman I feel I can identify more with them than with some dude selling rock out of his sketchy basement bachelor apt….if my old neighbor is reading this I swear I am not talking about you and I never once called the cops on you….if he isnt reading this…I am talking about him …and I totally called the cops when he went all Chris Brown on his ‘strawberry’. Look it up if you aren’t a drug slang afficianado like myself.

So here is a question…a little serious for my usual blurb…but if you feel compelled to answer = go for it…if anyone is reading this of course

What is it that lures women into things like stripping when they are often the mostly harshly judged by society (especially other women) for choosing that path? Now keep in mind Im talking about women who have at least a moderate education (High School, Trade, or college) and no serious fear of being in danger of crossing the line into the working poor.

¬†I mean would I be willing to sell my sense of pride for some pink timberlands and the ability to buy an iphone or a sweet car (not a super snazzy ride¬†like a jag, but like a brand new jetta – you know, nothing to sneeze at) … NO…so, why¬†does it seem so many¬†other women¬†are willing to do so?

This is purely a conversational question. NO JUDGEMENT is implied so lets not crucify me in the name of Cookie…or Candy…or any stripper for that matter. I’m just curious to hear what you folks have to say…


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