T: TGIF the thirteenth…

Dear Blogtastic Readers,

It’s FRIIIIIIDAY! In case you were not already aware. This friday already feels special since I get to leave work early! D. and I are playing hooky (with permission of course) in order to go see a movie and chow down on some movie treats after a long week of behaving ourselves food-wise. (On that note – I am a cottage cheese convert! Extra Hot Salsa with Fat Free cottage cheese = the best dip ever for cut up veggies and crackers!)

I seem to be straying into D’s area of the blog world so I will leave the food and nutrition in her capable hands and focus on what I seem to think I know something about…literature.


Moll Flanders à la Ginger

I am just about finished Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe (although, man, I always kind of wish Willem Dafoe had written it because I think that would draw more readers to my blog) and I can tell you 1- what you’re supposed to learn from it and 2- what I am learning from it.


Willem Dafoe - pen name: Daniel Defoe

1- We are supposed to learn that the things that are gained through a life of frivolity and immorallity are fleeting. We will always be left with nothing unless we can learn to prosper by hard work and honest means. We are also supposed to learn Karma is a biatch. This is apparent when poor Moll accidentally marries her brother and moves from England to the colony of Virginia…where she stumbles upon the genetic jackpot (har-de-har-har) when her mother/ mother-in-law is trying to bond with her by revealing her seemy past as a thief/whore.

2- What I am learning: DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN it is not as easy as I though to get preggos. It takes alot of rain to rust that tin roof… (‘Love Shack’ reference…anybody?….anybody?) Also, you can live very happily and in luxury when you are someone’s mistress….just a little something to ponder my dear readers…I’m not urging anyone to act in any certain way. This is just something to ponder when you’re toiling away in a cubicle for the government and trying not to commit suicide by jumping from the 12th floor…I mean…you know… hypothetically.

As promised in one of this week’s posts – the history of the condom 1000 AD – present:


Awesome Condom Public Awareness Ad



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