T: Thursdays that feel like Mondays…

So, since I’m working for “the man” I had yesterday off for Remembrance Day. Because of this I am back to work today after a fantastic and relaxing day off…the bad news in this regard is that even though today is generally one of my favourite days of the week (Thursday) it feels like my least favourite (Monday).

Thursdays are usually a day of the week when everyone can see the light of the weekend and so they are cheerful and patient and understanding…whereas Mondays are a bleak, dreary day where everyone blames everyone around them for the end of the beautiful weekend. Today…I can feel the hate seething around me…it is seeping underneath my cubicles pseudo-walls from every desk around me.

In light of this mood I will not write much…except maybe to ask if anyone out there reading…if there is anyone…has any tips on feeling better at work?


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