T: It’s been a long time…


I know I haven’t been the most responsible blogger. I’ve fed you tidbits of a life all too exciting to look away from…and then left you hanging precariously. I’m sure many of you have sought solace in drink and immoral activities in an effort to fill the void that my words have left behind. Rest assured I will be trying my hardest to make up for what I have done to you…and I don’t mean in the way a cheating boyfriend buys you some half ass grocery store carnations and tries to tell you it’s a grand romantic gesture. I will make it up to you in the same way a husband of thirty five years who has strayed makes it up to his ever loyal wife…with time and commitment.

I will try over the next few weeks..no, months, to demonstrate my commitment to you in the hopes that you will someday trust me again. And on the basis of this trust our blogtastic relationship will blossom into something even stronger than before. Something that we are all the more thankful for because it took hard work to achieve.

…In all seriousness. I apologize for my lack of posts. Even if that apology is only going out to a single reader. I have no excuse.

Life Update:

I am now proudly living the Ottawa dream…working for the government. As you may already be aware D. was kind enough to act as my fairy job-mother and pass on her old position to me. It was much appreciated since I was about a week away from asking the guy who plays guitar for change with a cup on his stump for a slider if he had any tips for someone looking to “get into the panhandling game”. (All jokes aside this guy is TALENTED and I hear it’s a decent salary if you play your cards right)

Anywhooo…luckily I didn’t need to do that. However, I am blogging from my ever so homey cubicle as I still do not have the internet at home…will I ever? stay tuned. (That’s how I keep you hooked…it’s all in the mystery and intrigue) Anyway, I love it! I walk to and from work everyday and still get home and have the dog walked by 530. I am also lovvvvving the new neighborhood! It’s a lot to get used to… (no starbucks=brutal!)…but I will get used to it (second cup does make a mean candy cane hot chocolate  this time of year).

Literary Update:

Although I have not been blogging I can swear on my twestie’s life, and believe me this is not something I take lightly as without her I would be lost, I have been reading as much as ever.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest -Kesey

-Incredibly Screwed up! But amazing! I recommend it to anyone with a slightly dark sense of humor or for those pretentious literary nerds looking to breakdown the societal message behind contemporary literature. Take it as you will – a commentary on modern democracy or a fly on the wall’s view of a mental ward full of incredible characters…either way you will love it.

The Scarlet Letter -Hawthorne

-Oddly enough, read it in an afternoon. This sunday was a little slow so I sat down to read this puppy. It’s short and readable if you want to attack a classic you feel like you should have read. Risque enough to keep you interested without making you feel like a perv.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover -Lawrence

-Risque enough to make you feel like a perv. Written in the late 20s and they use C-You-Next-Thursday word. ‘Nuff said. READ IT! LOVE IT!…I did.

Moll Flanders -Defoe

-Just started this one but it seems like it is going to lie somewhere between Scarlett Letter and Chatterley in the risque department. So far, I’ve been moderately entertained…and made curious enough to look up the origins of the condom since SHE LIKE NEVER GETS PREGGOS…and is a mistress like 30 thousand times so far.

…next posting I’ll let you know what I found out about the condom’s origins…C’mon how else do I know you’ll come back?


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