D: Who we are, who we have been, and who we want to be.

It’s been awhile, <s>readers</s> empty void in the cybersphere.

To be honest, I don’t have much of an excuse for not writing, except that I’ve been frantically swimming upstream at my new job, trying to understand acronym after acronym and program after program. The people are nice enough, but I am still trying to carve out my little niche. I guess that’s how it goes, and it will only make me stronger I suppose.

Speaking of stronger…that is the opposite of what I am now. Well, I guess that makes me weaker. Duh. It seems that the infamous H1N1 virus has visited my friends, who kindly passed it on to my boyfriend, who has kindly passed it on to me. Well, I assume, but honestly if this is H1N1 I’ll take it over most of the other viruses I’ve had in my life. Long story short, I left work at 11 today and came home to my blue futon, where I’ve been sitting every since eating caramel apple pops and drinking Gatorade G2 which, by the way, feels like slime going down my throat.

But in any case, things have been good in other areas. I am down to anywhere from 146-148lbs, depending on the day, and will be calling my Weight Watchers goal within the next two.  When I do call my goal at Weight Watchers, I am going to post before & after pictures on this blog, if only for me to see. My WW goal isn’t my personal final goal – my WW goal is 149lbs full clothed at WW (my weight at home is usually naked hence being lighter), and my personal goal is 135-140lbs. But still, to hit goal at Weight Watchers would mean I would never have to pay again, which means for the rest of my life I would have that support system if I ever should need it again.

So, that’ s that. I hope some stragglers are still checking in here. I hope to post more regularly in the future and to even post some pictures like a real food blogger!

But first, battling this flu.



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